Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Up in Arms

Late spring through early fall, I do all our yard work and gardening while wearing women’s shorts and men’s T-shirts. As a result, I have “farmers arms,” i.e., a suntan from my fingertips to about 4 inches above my elbow and no tan the rest of the way up to my shoulder.

Farmers arms look odd when wearing sleeveless dresses and tops. To avoid them, I could wear sleeveless men’s shirts when I work outdoors, but I don’t like sleeveless men’s shirts – they are not style.

I do like to wear the sleeveless dresses and tops in my wardrobe before mid-winter when my farmers arms will fade. So I use self-tanners on my upper arms and the results have been good, but I have been reading up on body bronzers and I think I will give them a try.

By the way, I also have “farmers legs,” but it is not an issue because I never wear skirts that short!


Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Hiland High School in Berlin, Ohio, is where this blonde bombshell dressed pretty for Halloween in 1984

Benito Skinner
Benito Skinner femulate Kylie Jenner at Heidi Klum’s 2019 Halloween party


  1. About five years ago, I had a make over and photo session. In a few of the pics, the male shirt tan line was quite obvious.
    Since then, I make it part of my skin care routine to apply sunscreen, even during the cooler months. The tan line is still there, but is not as obvious.

  2. I found wearing tank tops help battle the "farmer's arm" syndrome. I too, am not that crazy about sleeveless men's shirts. As for the "farmer's legs" I wear workout shorts that come to just above mid thigh. As long as the colors are neutral and not loud pastel colors, it has a more androgynous look.

  3. In addition to all the farmer's tan lines, I have farmer's ankles. Wearing shorts,trainers and socks,(I live in a cool climate). Fake tan is the solution!

  4. In one way, I'm glad I don't have to deal with a farmer's tan. I work indoors at my job and slather on the heavy SPF sunscreen if I do any level of yard work or when I go for a walk. My skin does not tan as I burn easily! I do have a few sleeveless tops and dresses, and I'd like to try a strapless dress with my new convertible bra holding the forms.

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2020

    Would you like at some point to declare the winners of your 'not a civilian' feature? Perhaps, gold, silver and bronze medal positions? Mr Phillips will, I presume, be one of them. I wonder if today's contestant might be another?
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Penny.

  6. I too do a lot of the gardening / yardwork in gal mode ... but here in Florida the sun is an issue. I've had lots of spots taken off by my dermatologist, so for this girl it's slather on the sunscreen, wear long sleeve work shirts (I have an old Chico's shirt that works nicely...) and a floppy hat. When I wear sleeveless tops (lots of women do down here) I really don't want the farmer's tan lines to show ;-).