Monday, June 8, 2020

It Feels Like Monday


Inclusive, welcoming, patient-centered healthcare should be afforded to people from all walks of life, especially those who often feel marginalized due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Learn the challenges we face and the steps we can take to bridge the LGBTQIA+ health gap from the classroom to the clinic with's An Online Guide to Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities in Healthcare & Education.


This came over the mojo wire from PinkNews on Saturday: Essential makeup tips, tricks and hacks for trans women that will make getting ready for Pride so much easier.

Jessica Blackler, a British trans-ally, hosts the how-to video and I found it very informative. Since it is intended for transgirls, it provides tips that generic how-to makeup videos do not provide.

Ms. Blackler has her own line of cosmetics – Jecca Blac, which bills itself as “Gender Free Makeup.” A British company, they do ship to customers in nthe USA and their products are available at She also has a YouTube channel with other informative videos geared toward us.


The Conversation ran an article last week that discussed the science of some memorable moments from the television show Seinfeld. One topic that the article addressed was “Can men grow breasts big enough to need ‘the bro’?”

You can find the answer here, although girls like us blessed with gynecomastia already know the answer.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Mr. Barnwell of Peoria, Illinois' Woodruff High School, joined the distaff side of the faculty in this 1987 yearbook pose.

Professional femulator, circa 1910
Professional femulator, circa 1910

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  1. I'm really enjoying the parade of non-civilian teachers! I'm picturing how pretty my high school art teacher would have been fully dressed. Now that I think of it, he did have nicely arched eyebrows!