Sunday, December 8, 2019

All men will wear dresses after all

My recent post titled “All men will wear dresses” talked about an article in the British edition of GQ magazine that predicted, “In 30 years time, the gender-fluidity movement will have progressed to the point that men are not only allowed but encouraged to wear dresses and skirts.”

Maybe, maybe not.

But images like the one on the right make me think that there might be something to GQ’s prediction. The photo shows actress Elizabeth Hurley (right) and her son Damian (left) in a lacy pink dress, girly bracelet and a hairdo just like Mom’s!

The Hurleys are not alone. Google “celebrity children crossdressing” and you will discover many celebrities who are OK with their sons dressing in feminine finery.

How many will continue dressing pretty as adults remains to be seen? But my guess is that unless they are forced to stop dressing pretty, they will continue to do so. For example, Earvin "Magic” Johnson's son EJ Johnson and Will Smith’s son Jaden are celebrity sons who continued to dress pretty as adults.

Some may be transgender, but the others just like to dress pretty and will influence fashion-conscious civilian males to dress pretty, too.

As fellow blogger Juan once wrote, “Gentlemen, put on your skirts and high heels, fetch your purses, and head to the future.”

Source: Metrostyle
Usually, I Photoshop ads to remove the ad copy. But ads like the one above contain so much verbiage that no amount of Photoshopping will help and I discard them. However, the model in this Metrostyle ad is absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be seen despite the ad copy.

Damian Hurley
Damian Hurley


  1. I look forward to the day when men have social permission to be pretty but remain masculine. I think that would be a lot more fun for women!

  2. Do you remember back in the mid 1990s when actor Hugh Grant was dating Elizabeth Hurley and he was arrested for patronizing a trans prostitute named Divine. He later appeared on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno asked him "What were you thinking"?
    I doubt that there is any connection with Damian.

  3. I remember an interview in Movieline magazine with Me. Hurley where she talked about how much she enjoyed dressing her high school boyfriends as girls and forcing them to go out with her. There was also controversy when her son was 5 and she used him to model girls bathing suits in a fashion catalog. She obviously enjoys demonizing males.

  4. IF ALL MEN ARE "DOING IT", then why bother? My foray into 'dressing up' is a wonderful and welcome break from the usual 'guy' reality, an 'altered state of consciousness/awareness' if you will. I really do cherish and enjoy my 'time as Velma'. I return home relaxed, refreshed, and refocused.
    Today was a good day,went clothes shopping and later, visited a new 'TG-CD' group; met new friends, had a blast.

  5. Wait is this children celebrity CD a thing now? Forcing feminization upon children should be illegal unless the child feels it themselves. Soon the Kardashians will jump on the bandwagon to use new marketing angles to exploit their children


  6. Johanne asked me to post this comment because she was having trouble doing so:

    I'm so happy. I independently started using the term "dressing pretty". I believe I was inspired by Kimberly Huddle's use of the term "flying pretty". I wear skirts and dresses in guy-mode. (I don't have a girl-mode.) This is the first time I have seen it out in the wild. Have I changed the terminology of our community?!? (Or is this such an obvious choice that it will be coined by numerous individuals?)

    1. I have used the term “dressing pretty” on a number of occasions in this blog in the past and I have seen other girls use the term long before I used it.

  7. If, Elizabeth Hurley wanted me to wear a dress in public, I would jolly well make a token, protest!