Tuesday, December 10, 2019

First I look for the purse

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it has something to do with the environment or the era in which I grew up. But in my mind, a purse, clutch, handbag, pocketbook, etc., is the defining part of an outfit that indicates that you really mean business with regards to presenting femininely.

I can wear a wig, dress, heels, makeup, earrings, necklace, bracelet, pantyhose, tampon, bra, girdle, panties, etc., but until I add a purse to my outfit, only then do I feel that I am really femulating.

Without a purse, a guy in a dress still has a lot of freedom, especially in his upper body, to move and motion in a manly manner. Hand him a purse and that is a mare of a different color. She now has to move and motion differently; she must consider her purse at all times and move accordingly.

“Moving accordingly” means moving like a lady, that is, she must carry herself like other ladies who are carting a bag.

While you are at it, carry a nice bag. A designer bag is to die for and shows the other girls that you are really concerned about your feminine appearance.

A designer bag does not have to bust your budget; the consignment shops are full of like-new designer bags at cut-rate prices.

So, get a nice bag and carry yourself and the bag like a lady.

And happy femulating!

(By the way, Couture Allure Vintage Fashion has a how-to on the topic of carrying handbags.)

Double dating in matching dresses
Double dating in matching dresses


  1. Two finishing touches:
    2)Purse and 'yes' a purse that matches your shoes and belt...
    Since my relatively short foray into the public 'art and practice' of femulation, my psyche has become quite attuned to my practiced routine of 'purse display and use'.
    So much so, that while in 'enhomme' mode, I stepped out of my pickup truck, keys in hand only to notice an uncomfortable feeling overtake me. Part of 'me' had the compulsion to place my keys in my PURSE! Whoops! Wrong persona....

    Meanwhile, I am drawn to the stunning lady in this days FEMULATE, posing bare midriff (photo above) holding her PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED, well shaped, taught, (not baggy!), purse in such a well posed position. My hat is off to the photographer, who, I would bet, is well read in Freudian Symbolism, as am I.
    I found a link that explains what I have commented on today, along the lines of Freudian Symbols....

    AND this is WHY you are not symbolically 'complete' with out your purse!
    And there is an obvious aberration of the word 'purse' that fits well into this discussion.....
    Velma 07:31Z 10 Dec 2019
    PS: Tampon? WTF?

  2. You're right Stana. Seeing a femulator, or a woman for that matter, without a purse has us thinking. "Nice, but something's missing". When I was first going out "in stealth" I used pockets much like my alter ego. But when I decided to bring along one of my purses, even "in stealth" I just felt better about myself, completed, you might say.

  3. I started my transition well over six years ago now, and I did a lot of femulating before then; yet I still feel incredibly self conscious when I carry a hand bag. I will always go for a shoulder bag or a clutch, then I feel much more comfortable.

    The longer I do this the more appreciate the practical value of a good bag, lots of pockets and being just the right size!

  4. It's so true Stana, a purse is the essence of feminine presentation. My go to style is the handbag. And despite the fact it occupies one of my hands, something about carrying it adds to more feminine movements. When I need both hands, I simply slide the handles up to the crook of my elbow.



  5. AnonymousMay 26, 2020

    I was in my late fifties when I first bought myself a handbag.. It was the penultimate item on my list.
    The one 'finishing touch' I've never bought is a ladies wrist watch.. Not sure how that's going to work yet - my wrists are not femme-sized.
    One day..