Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Some Boys Already Wear Dresses

The accompanying slideshow is a compilation of male models wearing dresses, skirts and other female finery. Most are shown while on the job modeling womenswear on the runway or posing for catalogs or fashion magazine spreads. While others are candid shots taken while on the job or not?

One thing they all have in common: they all are flat-chested. Some wear bras, but there are no breast forms or other paraphernalia to femulate female breasts.

Tall and thin male models are used to model womenswear because they conform to the ideal female model profile, i.e., tall, thin and flat-chested.

Okay – I get it. But why are these guys showing up off the job still wearing makeup, hairdos and female finery? Are they transgenders or trendsetters?

Some admit to being the former. Others might be transgender, too, but are unwilling to reveal that fact.

Can I assume that the rest are trendsetters, who prefer to adorn themselves using the wardrobe options that are available to females?

The lack of falsies indicates that they aren’t femulators, so I assume they are trying to blaze a new trail in the world of male fashion.

Take Phillipe Blond (Slide 25 above), for example. He is an American fashion designer, who always appears in public wearing “women’s” clothing, yet his given name, flat chest and male voice are assurances that he is a boy.

And he is not alone.

Source: Unique Vintage
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Julie's Christmas femulation


  1. Very attractive men, ultra feminine

  2. Being paid to femulate sounds good to me

  3. So, "femulate her" slot will also be taken by femulators in future?

  4. Oh, to be slender and beautiful! Well, so much for that fantasy! Maybe not. I am a man in a dress and am good being that "lady". Stana points to Phillipe Blond, a gorgeous fashion designer and model. Wouldn't I sell my soul to be a "man in a dress" who looks like that gorgeous creature?

    But these gorgeous models fit a couple roles. Yes, they're flat-chested, but look at all the other models -- not particularly buxom. Flat chests allow the garment to hang the way the designer wants. Some of the models are gender neutral and prefer to wear women's clothes because they simply look better than being in "drab". Some, notably the very beautiful Andreja Pejic, are Transgender women.

    Are gender neutral people who dress and present as female Femulators?? Or are they just "They"? I think people born male who present as women are Femulators. I think males who model women's clothing cross over to Femulator when they leave "the office" presenting as women. Those who "go home" as males or asexual males are on the edge of Femulator, but not fully "a member of the club". Just sayin'....

    But what do I know? I'm sure many others of us have their own feelings on this, but thanks to Stana for introducing this interesting talking point. And thanks to her for all those photos!

  5. You outdid yourself with this post!!!

    1. I agree as well! I adore how their inner feminine beauty is so evident in their outward appearance. I'm absolutely smitten with #3.

    2. I second the #3 remark! Where do we get the names of these gorgeous ladies? I am well acquainted with some, but other are more to look up in our lives as positive roles.

  6. Maybe some dudes are simply sick and tired of the hackneyed dull prosaic coat and tie look. What we have are the coffin sized limited options to which men are required to adhere as far as clothes and cosmetics are concerned.
    The animal kingdom has many examples where the males outshine the females. An example is the peacock. And yet in Western civilization men are expected to be dowdy in appearance as compared to women.

  7. The majority of the models are displaying a most wonderful, beautiful, feminine chin line, as a broad/prominent chin is one of the first 'tells' that 'she' is perhaps more.....
    BTW, did you research and compile the slide show? Wonderful effort.

  8. Slide (1) and slide(32):
    Both models holding a well posed(?) cigarette. There is something quite powerful and sexually feminine about both models holding 'just a cigarette'; 'just so' in a beautifully balanced, proportioned, feminine hand.
    Scenes and poses such as these have been used in photo/cinema, like forever... the message always seems to somehow be universal.
    The only other accent sometimes offered is the 'opera length cigarette holder'....

    Men wearing dresses ? I will bet against.
    Men wearing dresses who possess intrinsic feminine psyche and mannerisms as well as cues of feminine physical attributes? Certainly!