Monday, November 25, 2019

All men will wear dresses

Palomo menswear collection, Fall-Winter 2019
The British edition of GQ magazine published an article titled “What will men wear in 2048?” by Teo Van den Broeke. What follows is an interesting excerpt from the article.
Having called your wardrobe moves since 1988, GQ dons its mystic robes to predict what the fashion of the future looks like...
7. All men will wear dresses
In 30 years time, the gender-fluidity movement will have progressed to the point that men are not only allowed but encouraged to wear dresses and skirts. And I’m not just talking about “manly” kilts and tabards, either. Rather, massive, flouncy Molly Goddard-style party frocks that make the best of our legs, feel light on the shoulder and are brilliantly breezy around our bits.
I rarely encounter males in skirts or dresses in my neck of the woods. More often, I see males in female garb that is not skirted, like the male sales associates I have seen working in retail around here, one in a grocery store and two in women’s clothing stores.

On the other hand, femulating males in skirts and dresses is a more common occurrence.

And so it goes.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Łukasz Zagrobelny femulates Shirley Bassey on Polish television’s Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.


  1. What's new
    The Scottish kilt is a type of skirt and the Roman tunic was a short sleeved knee length dress
    The toga was the long one
    The Romans thought that trousers (pants) were effeminate

  2. I don’t know how to feel about this, on one hand is very good that acceptance is growing, but on the other hand, a dress for men will be menswear and I like to use womenswear. I guess I will continue buying clothes in the “wrong” side of the aisle and taking advantage of the increased acceptance.
    Thanks for your blogging!
    Anna J

  3. Thanks to GQ for letting us know we're way ahead of the fashion curve.Personally, I love having it be breezy around my bits. I'm with Anonymous on where I'll be shopping in 2048 (I'll be 107). Pretty frocks for men will likely be cut to fit our bodies, which are straight up and down and with longer arms and trunks. Personally, I like to appear curvy, so I'll continue to shop in the women's department -- mostly. I checked out the Palomo Spain collection and my "addiction" to polka dots has me leaning to at least a few of the frocks. But since the GQ future is still 29 years out, we have the opportunity to influence the trends. We can lobby for more androgynous makeup and hair styles. We can lobby for tighter waists and/or belts so the people wearing these dresses can adjust them to fit their bodies. And while we're lobbying, maybe get the women's wear industry give us some longer arms for us taller ladies.

    But, wait! Do we really want everyone to blend into a singular style? I hope not. When I'm Mikki I want to identify as female and be different from my alter ego. So maybe the benefit of men's dresses is that everyone is free to dress as they wish, and since dresses for us will be the style, nobody will give it a second thought -- except maybe to think,"What a great looking polka dots dress"..

  4. If there were dresses in the men's section and I found a dress I like there I would buy it. I wear DD bras due to natural tissue, but last time I checked there were no bras in the men's section. Now if they showed up in the men's section (chance of that happening like a snowball's chance in a blast furnace) I might consider one if they had some in my size.

    1. I recall the 'bro' for men on Seinfeld....
      I have often wondered why no SCIENCE FICTION writer has never written about a planet where BOTH genders had bodacious, functional breasts for the obvious reason of child rearing... Both genders would be required to be available inside the society, instead of one gender deciding wanderlust, violence, plunder and exploitation were better pursuits.
      Would make a great Star Trek episode....

    2. I believe it was Kramer and George's father who came up with the idea of the "Manssier". Yet another in a long series of unforgettable programs on Seinfeld".

  5. I think this may be a bit off the wall, even though we are gazing 30 years in the future I can't see many men being prepared to change that much ~ after in the last 30 years there has been nothing that radical. ~ Maybe a few super trendy high profile fashion icons will give it a go, but I can't see it happening on Croydon High Street! ~ and lets be honest girls most men look better in a Dinner Jacket (Tuxedo to you Americans)

  6. Of course I will not be alive at that time but I feel there shall not be any discrimination between ladies and gents dress there shall be freedom to wear any dress

  7. I doubt you'll see many black men in skirts