Monday, December 9, 2019

More Feminine

Ever notice that in photos of femulators with their spouses, the femulator often dresses more "feminine" than the spouse?

Such is the case in my life.

In the last 10 years, I probably added 50 dresses to my wardrobe. In that same time period, my wife added two dresses to hers.

I own scores of high heels. My wife owns none.

I use lots of makeup. My wife uses none.

I wear lots of shapewear. My wife wears a bra.


Source: Intermix
Source: Intermix

Linda Chang
Linda Chang


  1. Soooooo....SHE wears the pants, and you wear the PANTIES?
    Sounds like an equitable arrangement to me!
    Carry on.....
    V. 05:35Z 12.09.2019

  2. How many of us spend more time in skirts or dresses than non transgender women?
    I do

  3. I think it's a number of things:
    * a lot of us say "we would wear pants and flats tomorrow"
    * women dress up for special occasions. If Meg is going out, that's a special occasion. Ergo....
    * we missed the dressy girl phase and want to catch up (which also explains why many of us dress younger than we are).

    I did go out once with my then-girlfriend wearing identical dresses.

  4. I agree. I have 2 very close female friends who have told me - a number of times -that I have inspired them to dress and carry themselves on a more feminine manner.
    I do what I can! (smile)

  5. I always used to make it a rule to try not to be more glamourous than my wife! Now I have transitioned I do find that I am much more likely to be found in jeans and a sweater, but when I do go out I still like to dress up.

  6. I've been thinking on this subject. Considering us getting to Stana's age and older -- like me -- we're still working at being the female ideal we have in our heads. But our women already know who they are and don't really need so much new women's "stuff". They're already who they are but we're still on the search. Getting new things helps us feel more our female self, so we add a shiny little thing here and a beautiful flowing garment there. And we do feel more femme. But we're not quite there, are we?