Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Loving Honeylove Shapewear

By Bobbi R

Hi Stana,

With your recent weight loss, you probably will not be using this shapewear, but there are a few of us larger “girls” that may benefit from their use. 

The company is called Honeylove.com. I happened upon their website and their offerings looked very interesting especially with my figure issues, which are a flabby lower tummy muffin top and saggy tush.

My initial purchase was the Super Power Short. It has a large X tummy panel and a very high waist. It also has a high waist that goes all the way up to my bra band. Now I no longer require a longline bra. 

The downside is that it's difficult to put on. It is very tight initially, but becomes less so each time you wear it. Gently work it up, centering the X panel over your tummy and suddenly your tummy and muffin top are gone. And, after a few minutes, the initial tightness goes away and you will feel firm and sleek. 

After donning a pencil skirt or bodycon dress, you'll be a convert – your outfits will look great. In fact, the first time I wore it out to a girls' night out dinner, I received many compliments on my appearance and after several hours of wear, it remained comfortable to the point that I forget that I was wearing shapewear. 

It has a split crotch to make trips to the ladies' room relatively easy. The rear “BoostBands” provide a little welcome boost. However, at the end of the day or evening, when getting undressed, you'll feel really soft and flabby... at least I did. 

I also tried the Queen Brief. It provides excellent support especially when wearing shorter skirts, but it can be worn with all outfits.

Depending on which size you select, click on the link to show the garment in your size. The styles are relatively expensive, but in my opinion, are worth the cost as the results speak volumes and you will definitely feel great in all your outfits. Honeylove's guarantee makes it worthwhile to try the different styles. The company's guarantee is either you like it or simply return it for a full refund.

Anyway, as the old saying goes, “nothing ventured nothing gained” definitely applied. When you have an opportunity, check out the website and their offerings.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Jackie Hayes


  1. I tracked down tor Jackie Hayes photo and found it at http://picpanzee.com/dragstoryteller In looking through the other photos I was reminded of how things changed for Drag Queens on TV. Up through the early 1960's it was not unusual to see a Drag Queen on TV from time to time. I remember seeing T,C Jones and Lynne Carter a few times. What triggered this was the photo of "The Dolly Sisters", also on the link page.I remember them well from several appearances on "The Dinah Shore Show". I felt as though I had "cartoon eyes", bulging out to get a closer look at these beauties! We went through a very long drought until RuPaul brought Drag back -- and with a vengeance -- and opening the door for a program like the wonderful "Pose".

    Thanks, Stana for regularly triggering my memory bank. I've been to many, many Drag shows, and I love going back and recalling all the fun I've had at them.

  2. Looking at the "Venus" model first off I love that dress, but second how is anyone that thin ~ do I suspect a little photographic enhancing here?

  3. Omigosh! I need to check out that foundation site! Sara