Friday, December 13, 2019

My Boston Proper Problem

I wrote here about my Black Friday purchase from Boston Proper. I also made a second purchase from Boston Proper on Cyber Monday.

Both dresses arrived here this week and both ran small. I returned the Cyber Monday dress for a refund. Besides being too small, I did not like how its collar looked on me, so I did not bother exchanging it for a larger size.

I loved my Black Friday purchase and it actually kind of fits, but I wish I had ordered a larger size because the snap that keeps the dress closed pops open if I breathe the wrong way. One size larger would have alleviated that problem, but I cannot exchange the dress for a larger size. When I purchased the dress, unbeknownst to me, it was considered a “Final Sale” and as such, it is not returnable according to Boston Proper policy.

So what are my options?

My first thought was that if I lost more weight, it would solve the popping open snap problem.

My second thought was to take the dress to a tailor and have a button hole made and a button added. I figured the button would do a better job keeping the dress closed than the snap did.

I planned to take the dress to my tailor today for that purpose, but I had a third thought while tossing and turning in bed this morning: VELCRO®. I already have plenty of adhesive-backed VELCRO® strips on hand. I think it will do the job – maybe not as well as a button, but certainly better than the snap. I have nothing to lose, so I will try it and if that does not work, I will let the tailor have at it.

Lessons learned: (1) Boston Proper dresses run small and (2) pay close attention for Final Sale notices. (I never saw the notice until I tried to exchange the dress online yesterday.)

And so it goes.

Source: New York & Company
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  1. Nicely Done! Elf Nancy
    Merry New Year!

  2. One fix is the white hook & eyes from an old bra closure. Both my grandmothers were seamstress' and taught me to sew, they a little tricky to hold as you lash them into place but no other holes are needed, but they hold a costume nicely.

    Joanne Fabrics sells new replacements.

    Roanoke Va;344095790594;161147234772;m;9008683;placeholder;12140414;pla;local;2185&gclid=CjwKCAiAis3vBRBdEiwAHXB29BnvTzLu5Zz1k978ABkn_O_GbeLmrS3q-U--71_z9K7zP-SPuV6VxBoC014QAvD_BwE

    1. I like it, Sara. Probably better than my VELCRO solution and no button hole is needed!

  3. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! Elf Nancy has sexy legs <3
    Merry Christmas

  5. The problem with dress sizes varying is widespread
    I have a UK size 20 skirt which is too small and a size 18 which fits perfectly

  6. So Stana did the Velcro work on the problem?

    1. I may try Sara’s solution (above) instead of the VELCRO.

  7. I find sizing so variable that I will rarely buy unless I can try on. I rare exception is my "Santa's Little Helper" dress, it may be a bit on the short side, a photo will follow after this evening meet up.

    1. I agree, but sometimes online bargains are irresistible.