Friday, December 27, 2019

My Favorite Angel

Who was your favorite angel?

In my opinion, Farrah Fawcett had more fans than the other two angels combined. She had the hair, she had the poster and she had the most publicity.

Despite Farrah’s popularity, my favorite angel was Jaclyn Smith. In my opinion, Jaclyn was more beautiful and sexier than the other angels. And she was the angel I wanted to be!

Fast-forward about ten years... I was attending my first transgender convention. A famous Hollywood makeup artist was at the convention doing makeovers for the attendees. After witnessing his demo in which he transformed an average-looking transgirl into a glamorous queen, I signed up for a makeover (it would be my first makeover ever).

During my makeover, I asked him which Hollywood actresses he had worked with and he rattled off a few names. Then I mentioned that I thought Jaclyn Smith was one of the most beautiful women among the current crop of stars (circa 1985). He responded that he had done Jaclyn's makeup a few times and that she had lousy skin that required a lot of work!

After bursting my balloon, he patched it up by adding that I had better skin than Jaclyn Smith!

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Alex Newell
Alex Newell


  1. I Agree!
    Miss Smith was the most
    Gore...Geous dame! And still IS.
    SHE is Smart with Super fashion Sense! I bought many items from her fashion line: Totally Enjoyed wearing them out and about!

    Roanoke. VA

  2. Julie M ShawDecember 27, 2019

    My fav was - and always will be - Kate Jackson! Not only was she beautiful, but she could ACT, too! A double threat!! (lol)

  3. Something about KATE JACKSON (third angel on photo) doing that PEPSI commercial... pre-Charlies' Angels.
    Now, Charlies Angels is on one of the 'rebroadcast channels' in the late afternoon. I caught a bit of one of the shows the other day, where one of the 'product placements' was a FORD PINTO (ICK!) driven by one of the Angles. I guess that was before the recall when the car was discovered to explode if rear-ended.....
    For reasons of comparison, my fav '70-s' heroine would be Linda Carter as WONDER WOMAN disguised as as Diana Prince. I always loved Diana's choice of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses were OVERSIZE LENS with DROP TEMPLE eyepieces. TOTALLY HOT!-- as the oversize lens totally reveals the womans eyes. A former coworker confided in me that he had a 'total fetish' for the oversize lens glasses on women. I agreed with him. Nowdays, the frames do turn up on ETSY as well as thrift stores..... I am well past 50 pairs of vintage ladies frames, and YES, they can be RE-LENSED by mail order for small money. Most thrift shop glasses sell for about a buck...

  4. I'm with the previous poster: Kate Jackson all the way! And Lynda Carter!