Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Avon Calling

I’ve mentioned this before, but for newer readers (and older readers who may have forgotten), I am an Avon Lady.

In between jobs in 1996-1997, I became an Avon Lady to fulfill my role as breadwinner. While unemployed for almost a year, I was able to build the business and had about 30 regular customers. But when I went back to work full-time, it was difficult to maintain the business and eventually I ended up selling only to a few friends and relatives.

Since retirement, I thought about getting active again, but I have no desire or the disposition to cold sell door-to-door and I am not sure how to sell Avon otherwise. Selling online is an option and maybe I can build a business if some of the girls reading my blog became customers. Well, it’s food for thought...

Anyway, two things caused me to think about selling Avon: a news story about a transwoman in the UK who sells Avon and a short film I came across on YouTube while looking for something else.

Here is the story about the trans Avon rep:
"Avon's first transgender rep says she found confidence and stability
"Daniella Schofield, 35, from Blackpool, became an Avon representative in February to help support her schizophrenic mother. She is earning £1,300-a-month and said the job changed her life."
Read all about it in Daily Mail: https://apple.news/AUJe172RORmSfnQ2Geqa1Ww 
By the way, I disagree with the “Avon’s first transgender rep” claim. I’ve been an Avon Lady for 23 years and I would not be surprised if there were transwomen who have been at it even longer than I.

And here is the short 11-minute film titled Beauty Mark. It is a wonderful story and brought tears to my eyes.


Source: Metrostyle
Wearing Metrostyle

Young femulator, circa 1910
Young femulator, circa 1910


  1. Thanks Stana. How good was this film!! I loved it.

  2. When I first joined a Tri-Ess group here in Baltimore, one of the couples in our "CES" group was involved with Avon. The wife met her future spouse at a Renaissance group in the Philadelphia area. She sold product, but was also a recruiter and had some CD/TG ladies working for her. Her next recruit, let's call her Yvonne, ended up as her spouse. They subsequently moved closer to Baltimore and had been members of the CES chapter for several years when I joined. In addition to her job, Yvonne threw herself into the Avon job and became a top seller. It came in handy when her company had a reduction in force.

    In a rough estimate, Yvonne had been an Avon rep for 5-6 years before I joined CES in 2001. Other ladies in Philly had been reps since the late 1980's.Of the two, Yvonne was easily the best makeover artist. They eventually relocated back to Philly.

    About Daniella/Rebecca(?), I saw this in my TG Forum weekly mailing. (If any of you ladies haven't signed up, you should do it to keep up with our fellow ladies.) What incredible makeup skill! I'd love to be one of her customers!

  3. Hi peeps, the article is about me and i totally know im not the first, but the first with a story, the actial story was about me leaving work as i needed to care for my mum, her partner had passed away suddenly, mum has schizophrenia, and wow was the hardest time of my life, moneys were stopped, i was waiting for help, which i never got, i was desperate, so joined avon in desperation, and oh my it saved my life and my sanity!
    Thank you for sharing my story, much love, Daniella ❤

  4. Growing up in the seventies as a boy who loved dressing as a girl I always thought it would be really cool to be an Avon lady. All that lovely makeup to try out!
    I still love dressing as a girl, or to be more accurate, a fifty year old woman, but I have never had much chance to wear makeup. Maybe one day....

  5. I had become friends on FB with a local gal who sells cosmetics (not Avon). We have 2 mutual friends, and she connected to me from my photos. She contacted me recently about becoming one of her sales staff. As enticing as the idea was, I turned it down, mostly due to my schedule, but I still don't know if SHE knows who she tried to recruit.

  6. You look great in that dress and in your new hairdo. I remember when you bought that, it is just the thing I would have bought when I was still working and your other outfit black and white skirt with black sweater I just love too. You look wonderful.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Connie! I knew the dress looked ok on me, but I was not so sure about the sweater and skirt, so thank you for the feedback.

  7. AnonymousMay 05, 2020

    Stana, thank you so much for posting that Avon video short. The moment that Mark holds up that mirror to see herself...I was in tears. The JOY! I get worked up just replaying that scene in my mind
    - Christina