Friday, October 18, 2019

Tale of Two Dresses

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. I held my breath every time I heard a gust of wind outdoors anticipating a power outage. Thousands lost power in Connecticut, but I lucked out. Nothing was going to interrupt my evening out with my daughter, but I had a close call.

I was ready to leave the house and as I went to the closet to get my coat, I noticed a loose button on my dress. It was hanging by a thread and when I touched the button, it fell to the floor.

This was a new dress and you would think there would not be any problems But it was not the first time that something new had loose buttons, so I sighed and got out my sewing kit.

After threading the needle, I realized I was running late and sewing the button back on the dress was going to make me even later. So I decided to wear a different dress. I peeled off one dress and slipped on another, slipped on my coat, grabbed my purse and went on my way.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Bryce Anderson
Bryce Anderson, male womenswear model


  1. Glad the button came off, a much nice outfit was the result!

  2. Stana, as much as I like the plaid dress, the second one (IMO) looks better on you. The proportions are more natural, and the slightly longer skirt gives you a more feminine shape. Hope you and your daughter had a great time!

  3. Hi Stana. Could you tell us the make and model of your wig. I like it very much and think it would suit me.

    1. It’s a Noriko wig, model name is Sandie and the color is Nutmeg-F

  4. Agree with the above comments, the striped dress is much more flattering and better looking.

  5. Just gotta love the RLE's! Don't we learn from every one of them? So much missed girlhood time to make up for!

  6. I like the plaid dress better on you, shows off your beautiful legs

  7. Much as I think ladies with great legs should show them off, I lean toward the dress on the right. The skirt is fuller and will give a much more feminine swing as you sashay around. Nice to have the choice of two lovely dresses.

  8. You were lucky with the button
    Murphy's Law clearly states that if a button falls off it will end up where you cannot find it

  9. Stana,
    I am with the majority in thinking that the dress on the right looks better on you.
    However when I showed the pictures to my friend Michelle, she thought the opposite.
    Penny in Edinburgh.