Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Non-Civilians

In my previous post, the Femulator slot featured Mr. Phillips, a Colorado Springs high school teacher, who showed up at a school Halloween function dressed to pass. He looked very convincing, perhaps too convincing and my trans-radar screamed “not a civilian.” (Reminded me of a guy who showed up at work every Halloween in very convincing office girl drag!)

Mr. Phillips’ image reminded me of a post I wrote a few years ago about guys showing up for school dressed as gals, who also looked too good to be civilians. Since we are on the cusp of Halloween, I updated and added to that post and present it to you today for your enjoyment.

Whenever Starla sends me a new batch of femulator images that she culled from online school yearbooks, I try to pick out the femulators who are not civilians, that is, girls like us and not one-time femulators dressing up for their school's womanless event.

It may be due to all those years operating the trans radar, but there is something about certain womanless participants who give off vibes that they are in it for the long run. And sometimes, there are other clues that confirm those suspicions.

Such is the case with Sean Caufield (above). She is exquisite! Her hair, makeup and jewelry are perfect. And the extra clues move her out of the civilian realm. For example, her thin eyebrows en femme and en homme and the fact that dressing as a female is her choice for a Halloween costume and is not a femulation for a womanless event. 

And she is not alone.

I always suspect that something is up when a faculty member femulates along with the students like the student-teacher (above), who “shows off his feminine side on Halloween.” Does Miss Waugh's perfect wig, cleanly shaved legs, tailored skirt suit or slingback pumps hint that she shows off her feminine side on other occasions? Just wondering.

I was also wondering about Coach Ed (above), who goes by "Edwina" during her frequent forays in frocks, when she successfully passes among her students.

Then there is Matt Garber (above), who "was the only male student to wear make-up to the junior-senior prom," which begs the question: Did other male students attend the prom wearing prom dresses, but without makeup? (How gauche!)

Finally, there is lovely Phillip Sacks (above), who dared to be different, but my guess is that she is different more often than one day.

Mr. Wallace donned a French maid costume to fool his drama class students at Eisenhower High in Rialto, California. 


  1. As a dear friend of mine - a professional costumer and make up artist - once said, "You can always tell by the eye brows"

  2. It would be amazing if someone wrote "yes, that was me, and yes, your t-dar is spot on."

  3. As is asked at EVERY high school reunion: "Where are they now?"
    As far as I am concerned, the true mark of difference between 'Civilians' and us 'Non-Civilians' are our ubiquitous, calm, blissful smile-- indicative of 'The Pink Fog'...

  4. In 2019, Mr. Wallace in his French Maid's outfit would be sent home for violating dress code in that barely there skirt.

    All the ladies in the images are lovely.

    "Back in my day" I would have never thought about appearing in public as Heather but in 2019... I've spent whole days as Heather in public and in private!

  5. Cross dressing can be risky for teachers
    There have been cases where parents, worried about how it would affect the pupils have tried to get the teacher fired

    Another give away is how a "girl" walks in high heels
    It is usually obvious that they have done it before

  6. I am sure the gurls who work it would have better eyebrows than most but really I think the shows gives it away

    Slingbacks with a kitten heel
    Platform Pumps with a comfortable chunky heel
    White Stiletto

    Not civilians for sure

    I could assume they are truly one offs and they were forced into femulation by their wives


  7. In the vast collection of "womanless" school beauty contests Stana has shared with us, there are a few showing the same mother and son over a series of years, with the son looking less and less a "civilian".

    There was a petite boy I went to school with who was constantly teased and bullied. I was friends with him because I was a fellow person who was bullied, me for having VERY red hair. His mother tried to get him to wear his sisters' clothes on Hallowe'en, but he resisted. When we got to Junior High he finally gave in to his mom and he was even prettier than Sean Caufield you've pictured above. He was overwhelmed by the positive feedback he got, especially from girls ll so he did it more, and more, and more........ He went on to Vo-Tech High School in cosmetology, got his hairdresser's licence and "she" went to work in a salon. Perhaps the "He doth protest too much" cliche' was at work since all it seemingly took to trigger "her" was seeing a very pretty girl looking back at him in the mirror.

    I'll give a full disclosure here, twice while I was in High School I brought "her" to a dance at my school. Even though many of the kids at the dance went to Junior High with her, nobody spotted "him". We were very pleased with our deception. She became a makeup artist, and the last time I saw her was years ago in Los Angeles, where she was working for MGM.

  8. While some of the photos look a bit dated we need to look at these folks as the canary in the coal mine. They went out and made things easier for those who follow. Like any of us who dress nicely to fit in or blend in or otherwise mingle and not offend the more the 'civilian' population gets to deal with us, meet with us, get to know us the better, safer and more accepted we will all be. To those get out regularly and meet with the civilian population...keep up the good work and keep on keeping on.