Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Blast from the Past

Halloween 2012 was the first of five-in-a-row appearances at work en femme and it almost did not happen. Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast the day before. As a result, we lost power and I shelved my plans to go to work en femme because of the issues that a lack of electricity can cause. For example, how could I make up my face in the dark?

Needless to say, I was very disappointed, but shortly before bedtime, power was restored and I realized that I could do it after all. And it was probably my best Halloween en femme at work experience because no one was expecting it and I fooled most of my co-workers with my femulation.

For example, when my boss arrived at work that day, I made a bee-line to her cubicle, saying "Happy Halloween" as I entered.

She looked up with a confused expression and it took about a half minute before she recognized me. She was ecstatic. She checked me out and gushed over my appearance.

"He shaved his legs."

"He even did his nails."

"I hate him – he looks better than me."

She took my photo (the photo above) and e-mailed it to some of our colleagues in our other facility. Throughout the morning, she brought people to my cubicle to show me off.

I never saw her act like this before. She was enjoying my femulation as much as I was.

My boss also suggested I play a trick on our president's administrative assistant, so when she showed up, I went into her office and said, "I am the new receptionist and you are supposed to train me."

She was completely fooled. She said that no one had informed her of my training, but she was ready to have at it.

Before it went any farther, I asked, "Do you know who I am?"

She shook her head "no," so I confessed and she was absolutely floored! She confessed that she really had no idea who I was nor that I was a male.

Returning to my cubicle, I heard the voice of a female co-worker who I have known for 16 years, so I paid her a visit.

"Happy Halloween," I said as she looked up without any sign of recognition, then she recognized me. After she stopped gushing over me, she said that when she first saw me, she thought I was a former co-worker woman. She said the resemblance was striking.

At 10 AM, I had to attend a meeting (a "gemba") concerning a new product. I walked into the middle of ten engineers standing in a circular fashion for the gemba, said "Happy Halloween" and they all smiled and took my appearance in stride. A couple of the guys admitted afterword that until they heard my voice, they had no idea who I was.

Another friend asked if he could take my photo sitting in his cubicle. I gladly agreed, he took it with his smart phone, and sent it to his wife claiming I was his new administrator.

After his wife learned the truth, she replied, "“OMG!!!!!!! That is soooooo funny! He looks really good as a woman. I don't want her sitting in your cubicle.“

Five co-workers took my photo throughout the day and graciously e-mailed me copies.

One co-worker said he was "speechless," then added, "You missed your calling... you should have been a female impersonator."

During lunch, I drove to the nearby Lowe's home improvement store to get a replacement part for a piece of plumbing that failed after the storm. I had no trepidation about going to Lowe's and I found my trip very revealing.

Whenever I go to Lowe's or Home Depot in male mode, I have to find and ask a store employee when I need help. Today, I had a male Lowe's employee practically at my beck and call. When he saw me looking lost in the plumbing department, he asked what I needed and directed me to the exact location where the part was displayed. After I found what I needed, he came over and compared it to the old part I had brought along to make sure I got the right part.

That's the power of a short skirt and high heels!  

Speaking of high heels, I wore them all day long (over 9 hours) and my feet felt fine. I guess sitting about two-thirds of the day helped. I did bring flats just in case, but I only put them on when I drove home.

I returned to work, ate lunch and felt tired; the 4:15 AM wakeup was beginning to take its toll.

I visited the two women in Human Resources who knew that I am transgender. The HR woman, who is approximately my age, was enthusiastic and said I looked "great," while the 30-something HR woman acted as if nothing was unusual and said nothing about my appearance.

Another female co-worker I have known forever stopped by my cubicle in the afternoon and said I looked "sparkling." She also commented that I looked better than she ever did even when she went to the prom. She wondered if anyone at work had busted "my chops" and I happily admitted that no one had.

Except for folks stopping by to look and/or take photos, the afternoon was quieter than the morning.

Overall, I had a great day at work en femme. Not a discouraging word was heard; instead, I received a lot of compliments.

Next morning, my boss saw me and remarked, "Thank, God, you're dressed normal today."

I responded, "What's normal?"

Source: Macy’s.
Wearing Macy's

Halloween at work en femme 2014
Halloween at work en femme 2014


  1. That truly was a great day. You opened minds with every encounter. I wish I could do the same this week but I know that bird would never fly.

    1. What surprised me was that no one batted after I retired and showed up at the company Christmas party en femme. I guess I should not have been surprised because the five Halloweens at work en femme must have prepared them.

  2. What a great story! AND a great success for taking a RISK and going through the entire experience. Too many of 'us' dwell on 'what can go wrong', versus the odds-on stats of positive outcome. Yes it pays to do ones homework and perhaps 'scout out the venue' before 'your debut'.
    My successful experiences rate a 99.5% positive. AND the few 'negatives'--surprisingly, I dont dwell on them, as I often do in other non fem matters.
    Go for it!
    Femulation friend correspondent lamented yesterday she did not have the "MOXIE" to so much as venture out of the house, in spite of her dire wanting to do so. I suggested she at least 'take a drive' around sundown.
    Such a lament three days ahead of "OUR NATIONAL HOLIDAY".
    Oh, well...

    1. My work femulations generated a couple of wise cracks inferring that I may crossdress more often than just Halloween... that’s as “negative" as it ever got at work.

  3. I am always SO HAPPY and GRATIFIED when 'reCaptcha' finally declares
    Often, I worry 'bout whether or not I could be....
    and now, I gotta 'face the reCaptcha bot' again...

  4. So Stana what up for this Halloween?

    1. No plans. Nothing going on Halloween-wise at my former workplace, so no reason to go there. And the weather is supposed to be lousy ("Chance of precipitation is 90%”) --- I don’t feel like dodging rain showers dressed pretty. But it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so none of this is written in stone.

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  6. I was telling Stana that my work place is finally having a Halloween costume day.

    Unfortunately I just don't have the clothes I need to do it right.

    I make a promise to do it right next year!