Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Washout

(Updated Below) I had no plans for Halloween.

Nothing was going on at my former workplace, so there was no reason to go there. And the weather was supposed to be lousy ("Chance of precipitation is 90%”). I did not feel like going out just to be out and have to dodge rain showers while dressed pretty. So my only Halloween plans were to distribute candy to the trick or treaters. (Last year, only two trick or treaters showed up and as luck would have it, they were crossdressed!)

I did have one non-Halloween task to complete from my list of housewife chores: grocery shopping. While I was perusing the shopping list that my spouse had composed, it occurred to me that I could do my grocery shopping as a housewife dressed appropriately for Aldi and Stop & Shop.

The weather forecast sounded better for the morning, than the afternoon, so I planned to get up early and get out of the house as early as possible. To make that possible, I prepared as much as possible Wednesday evening, but it was all a waste of time.

The weather forecast did not do the weather justice. It was so bad that I considered not shopping for groceries at all. But mid-morning, there was a calm period and I made the grocery run in boy mode. The break in the storm was very brief and I was very damp by the time I returned home 90 minutes later.

By the way, I saw only one person in costume (a female employee at Stop & Shop), so I think the weather put a real damper on Halloween and I don’t expect a big turnout of trick or treaters this evening.

UPDATE: The bad weather persisted throughout the day and night. As a result, not a living soul showed up to collect candy, but some non-living souls may have showed up after we went to bed because some of the candy was missing Friday morning!

Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard

Dave Foley
Dave Foley plays Dave Nelson on television’s NewsRadio attending the office Halloween party en femme.


  1. Same here, I was planning on shopping for a LBD at Roz & Ali for a banquet Saturday night but I couldn’t get motivated. I guess I have to dig out my old LBD from the closet.

    1. My jeans were soaked from the hips down by the time I got home! You’d think I walked to/from the grocery store! LOL

  2. In eastern MA, the rain let up enough for me to get out dressed. I was meeting a friend and put on a gray and black dress with black tights and heeled booties. We went to Dress Barn and Nordstrom Rack, where I tried on numerous dresses. She also had two packages for me that I had sent to her. We will get together again on the weekend, with her wife joining us!

  3. We had snow in Chicagoland this year for Halloween. Cancelled trick-or-treating until the weekend in many places. Has there ever been good weather on Halloween? Dave Foley was always looked so good en femme, I wonder if he was a non-civilian growing up.

  4. I had found a dress with a print of various skulls on a black background and red highlights. I was not about to languish in the house. So I got dressed and waited for the local kids to come by, but there was a neighborhood event and they opted for that. It wasn't raining when I went out, armed with an umbrella and clear poncho. I went to a Drag show at a club in southwest Baltimore and got there before any rain came. After the show at about midnight I headed out and asked about the predicted "monsoon". The guys at the door told me it was one hell of a storm, which probably accounted for the smaller than expected crowd. I dodged a very wet bullet and had a great time schmoozing with the Drag Queens.

  5. The weather here in Minneapolis has been dry but cold. Certainly not cold enough to keep me hiding at home. My support group had its first Halloween party on Saturday. I got my first professional makeover and showed up as a beautiful bride. Yesterday I went out in a party dress and heels. I went to local art museum and had a great time.

  6. Dear Stana,

    Dave Foley looks beautiful when he femulated on two TV series, KIDS IN THE HALL and NEWS RADIO. His innate good looks (soft, pretty face and slim, 5’8” figure) and being dressed up and made up by professional TV costume staff and makeup artists produced excellent femulations. If he had looked as good as today’s article’s photos in a high school womanless pageant, we could assume there was a very good chance he was not a “civilian”. However, dressing and acting realistically on TV does not necessarily mean he is one of us ... of course, it doesn’t rule him out either. Maybe we’ll never know.



  7. I was working all day, but managed to get pretty and go to Applebee's for wine and cheese. Most of the staff were dressed up and, since it was my 3rd visit there that week, they called me by name! I felt like I was on CHEERS ("Norm!")