Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Jane Fonda Night

Thursday afternoon, I drove to my daughter’s apartment in Hartford to attend Real Art Ways’ monthly Creative Cocktail Hour. The cocktail hour began at 6 PM, but I left home at 3:45 because the weather was miserable (heavy rain and gusty wind) and I assumed the traffic on I-84 would be miserable, too. I was correct; the normal 25-minute ride took 45 minutes. 

I arrived at my daughter’s apartment just as the rain let up momentarily, so I was able to dash from my car to her apartment building without getting wet. My daughter and her dog greeted me and we killed time waiting for the start of the cocktail hour talking and drinking (her water, me coffee).

Wearing a new dress and new hairdo, I asked my daughter how did I look and she said I looked like Jane Fonda. I thought that made sense... a senior woman trying to look younger by wearing a lot of makeup and a youthful hairdo. Anyway, I took it as a compliment.

My daughter has no qualms about appearing with me en femme in public, but asked me how should she introduce me if we met up with any of her friends. I suggested “Aunt” or “friend.” She preferred Aunt and that settled that.

At 6 PM, we walked to Real Art Ways and found a small crowd already in attendance. We immediately encountered one of her friends, a woman who worked there. I hung back as the two exchanged greetings and then the woman looked at me and said, “You look beautiful.”

I held out my hand and introduced myself, “I’m her Dad.”

She seemed surprised, “Nice to meet you. And you are beautiful.”

That set the tone for the evening. I felt like I could do no wrong walking through the galleries and taking in all the art exhibits.

I expected to run into some of my transwomen friends from my old support group. In the past, there might be a dozen in attendance, but not so Thursday night. In general, attendance seemed down. I assume that the weather had a lot to do with it considering thousands of homes throughout the state were still without power due downed trees caused by the storm.  

I did meet up with a new friend, the lovely Christine, who reads this blog. She had emailed me days ago that she might attend after reading that I planned to attend. She did and we did meet up and became new friends.

And I did meet up with Deja, a very old support group friend. We spent a lot of time catching up and it was great to see her again. (My daughter had met Deja at my support group’s annual banquet in 2005, so they had even more catching up to do!)  

Due to the small crowd size, it was not a typical Creative Cocktail Hour. Besides the absence of other transwomen who usually show, I did not see familiar civilian faces I have seen in the past. C’est la vie.

My daughter and I had a great time anyway and we will probably do it again real soon now.

Source: Paige
Wearing Paige Chamomile dress.

To  be determined!
To  be determined!


  1. Thanks for you post of your 'big night'. You know we ALL have been waiting with bated breath. Glad your night went so well.
    Meanwhile, the last photo shows two persons, possibly from the same family, given the facial similarities.
    One face shows anxiety in the eyes and 'non-smile' and a slight 5'O-clock shadow....
    One face shows peaceful, slight smile, joy in the eyes.... as often experienced whilst 'enfemme'.....
    I hope I did not insult anybody's relatives photo....
    posted 04:46Z 20 OCT, 2019

    1. The pair in To Be Determined do look like they are from the same family.

    2. A further gaze into the lady face reveals a strong resemblance to Chevy Chase (a-la' SNL); right down to the cleft chin....

  2. Stana,
    This was one of the most enjoyable and uplifting posts you have ever published...and I think I have read them all.
    Great night...great look...great positive future.

    1. As a long-time reader of my blog, I value your comments and thank you for the very kind words, Pat.

    2. I just call them as I see them. BTW I do pick up a bit of a Jane Fonda vibe and look from the photo.

  3. I'm glad you and your daughter had a pleasant evening, despite the weather and small crowd... Congratulations!

  4. So glad you got to enjoy such an evening with your daughter. I feel so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Stana,
    Sorry for delay, but I must say I am so pleased you decided to continue as the role model for the heterosexual crossdressing community. With all the negativity in society about crossdressers being perverts, you reinforce our beliefs that we are good people who are good husbands, parents and general citizens. You strongly impacted my attitude that crossdressing is not a curse, but can be a blessing, especially as one gets older and enjoys this hobby in retirement. I would do exactly like you, hormones NO; electrolysis YES. Thank you and God bless!
    Marian Andersen