Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ghost of Payless

Christian Siriano for Payless Women's Habit Pointed Pump
Me and a lot of Femulate readers miss the recently departed Payless shoe store. Their prices were reasonable, their styles diverse and they had larger sizes that girls like us prefer.

Roscoe commented that Payless is alive and well selling their foot ware on Amazon. Their Amazon brand is called “dexflex” and includes the styles we were familiar with under the Amazon brand. The “Christian Siriano” brand is also available on Amazon. And all the sizes we got used to from Payless are available, too.

Initially, I thought that their presence on Amazon might be permanent, but after perusing what is available, I noticed that various sizes were sold out for various styles. So it looks like Payless may be just dumping their leftover stock there.

I searched the Internet trying to confirm what is going on, but could not find anything. If anyone knows better, let me know. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate; stock up now before the stock is depleted.

Source: Venus
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Reed Birney
Reed Birney femulating on stage in Casa Valentina.


  1. Stana -

    I'll bet that their bankruptcy liquidator is using Amazon to unload leftover merchandise. Even some ongoing concerns use Amazon as a way to clear out merchandise they no longer want to take space in their online "catalog". (Why have dresses only in a size 14, shoes in a size 13W, tops in a size 32, etc. taking up valuable space on the web page, or in their warehouses?)


  2. You can find "Payless" brands at local thrift shops like Savers, Goodwill and Salvation Army. Payless offered a great selection of sz11 and 12 and their sale prices were bargains.

    I was lucky the other day while on a business trip, I checked out a thrift shop and found:

    Michael Kors Bronze open toed pumps for $12.99. These are Hotel shoes as they sport a 5 inch hell. They were basically brand new

    Black patent Pumps sz11 for $6.99 with a 4 inch heel

    Leopard Print Chiffon blouse $2.99

    DKNY Hosiery 99 cents each

    Sales clerks dont bat an eye and maybe buy some books and odds and ends

    I have gone several times En Femme to theses places and tried things on with no issues.

    Funny thing, probably every single time I got a compliment or a comment on how lovely what I bought was and the clerk never made mention to the customer ahead of me

    I think some of these cashiers love us for being the best we can be in being a woman than actual real women who at times have given up

    Many of us would never dream of going shopping in flip flops, raggedy sweats and some old top

    I love thinking anyways I have proper makeup, look very nice, smell nice and have my heels on with a knee length skirt of course. Too many woman have abandonded themselves


    1. It saddens me that so many woman “have abandoned themselves.”