Friday, October 11, 2019

Femulating Times Three

Corey Rae as a “Hollywood Socialite,” Halloween, circa 1995
To Be Costumed or Not Be Costumed Dept.

“If you haven’t yet transitioned—or even come ‘out’ as transgender—Halloween is a great night to test the waters. A female-targeted costume can offer you the chance to express yourself freely, even if only for the night. Once you have a taste of that world, it might be hard to go back to presenting as the gender you don’t identify with. But perhaps it’ll give you the confidence to be your true self with those around you.”

The preceding is a snippet from a refreshing article by Corey Rae, titled As a Transgender Woman, Halloween Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday.

Believe It or Not, Ripley Dept.

According to The Hertford Reformer (1835), Lady B contacted the police as some of her jewels were missing. She asked that all of her domestic help be interviewed except for her lady’s maid of eight months who she trusted implicitly. The police eventually reported back that the jewels had been found and that the thief was her lady’s maid, who turned out to be an escaped convict and a man!

(From Emily as reported in Wardrobe Wisdom from a Royal Lady's Maid by Alicia Healey)

Another Blushing Bride Dept.

Holly wrote, “I wanted to tell you about my experiences of going to bridal shops.

“About three times a year, I arrange a photoshoot—try and go with a theme. I was having a photoshoot with a photographer who normally does weddings, who suggested I do a photoshoot in a wedding dress and I thought it sounded like fun.

“I initially looked round on eBay for a cheap wedding dress, but any dress I liked the look of was way too expensive. I then contacted a few local wedding dress shops ( I live in Newcastle, UK) to see if they had any sample/end of the line dresses at a reasonable price. I was up front and told them I was male and needed the dress for a photoshoot. All of them were very accommodating and I tried on many. Eventually I found a shop that specialized in retro wedding dresses. She had a really lovely one that fitted and said I could hire it, which I did for £50. She also kitted me out with accessories.

“I did the photoshoot, had an amazing day some photos on my flickr profile (”

(See Holly as a bride in the Femulator slot below.)

Wearing Ollalaa

Holly's bridal femulation


  1. A bridal photo shoot is on my bucket list! I have 2 cis GFs who are excited about helping make it happen, too!

    1. Have fun, Julie! And send pictures.

  2. Nice bridal photo, Holly. You have embraced one of 'femulations most desired, envied, and sensuous' experiences...... Your effort using a professional photographer paid off well! I an the owner of three different wedding dresses... but dont have the opportunity (yet) to do a photo shoot. So much for 'bucket lists'......
    Rick is my lifetime friend and a professional photographer. He knows of my 'proclivities' and is quite comfortable doing any type of photo shoot. Most professional photogs are notoriously discrete and non-judgemental(and usually, they are STARVING!). You will NOT be the photog's most memorable (or kinky!) photo subject.

  3. Halloween is probably good for a first time out
    After that be careful not to let your mind go too far into character as a woman you could out yourself