Thursday, June 6, 2019


Good news is that my wife does not mind that I go out as a woman. While discussing the matter, though, she has asked, "Aren't you afraid of being seen by the neighbors?"

Not at all. Across the street are hundreds of acres of virgin reservoir property, so my nearest neighbors are the birds, the bees and the bears. And the neighbors in their acre lots east and west of our acre lot would have a difficult time seeing me come and go because we are so treed-in.

However, I am fairly certain that on a handful of occasions, neighbors have seen me en femme as our vehicles passed each other on the main road in and out of our neighborhood. Don't know whether they figured out it was me en femme or if they thought that some female was borrowing my car.

I do believe that one female neighbor thought she figured me out. A few weeks after our vehicles passed each other while I was dressed to kill, I encountered her while we were walking our dogs. We stopped and chatted briefly, then out of the blue she said, "I see you're wearing pantyhose."

I can't recall if she said "pantyhose" or "knee-highs" or "nylons" or whatever... in any case, she was intimating that I was wearing women's hosiery even though I was in boy mode.

I looked down at my feet trying to figure out why she said that and I saw my feet in a pair of men's socks that were colored light beige. So I looked at her as if she had lobsters crawling out of her ears and said, "No, I'm wearing beige socks."

I should have asked her why she would think I'd be wearing women's hosiery, but I was so glad to have side-stepped her gotcha that I just went on my merry way.

Eye makeup to die for!
Eye makeup to die for!

The 1929 installment of the Kiwanis Follies in Washington State featured these lovely femulators competing in a beauty pageant.
The 1929 installment of the Washington State Kiwanis Follies featured these lovely femulators competing in a beauty pageant.


  1. "Not today" might have been an interesting rejoinder.

  2. I hear you. I am neighbored by a business/residence on one side and a home on the other. The business has large hedges separating us, so no worries there. The residence was empty for a while, but I have since come to know the new family rather well. In male mode, that is. Our back yards - and access to my garage - are separated by a chain link fence. So I must do surveillance before leaving the house. That, or come out to them. Which is NOT an unpleasant option. But he strikes me as an old fashioned "man's man", so who knows how they will react. ~~sigh~~

  3. BTW - Thanks for the Gladys Kravitz photo - that one image speaks volumes to the topic, for those who remember that is!

    1. Especially since that is the FIRST actress to play the role of Mrs. Kravitz, Alice Pearce. She died during the second season of the show.

      As to the point of Stana's post, I will check for my neighbors before leaving my house. Living on a private, dead end street means it's usually quiet, but if I can avoid being seen, I will be happy.

  4. You didn't address the "consequences" of your neighbors seeing Stana. Would there be any at all? Would there be some sort of "cost" if this happened?

    The older I get, the less I worry about having Mikki spotted. I live in a Baltimore row house, so there's nowhere for me to hide. In the past I would wait until dark, which meant I curtailed my activities during Daylight Savings Time. But I got tired of that. I park my car in front of my house (no driveways here!) and zip out to the car these days. I do scan the street and do my best to avoid kids. But if I'm spotted, well, I'm spotted.

    The first time I was spotted I got a, "You're wearing a dress", to which I said, "Indeed I am". Then I told her I was off to a party and took off. All of my encounters have been pretty much the same, though I've stopped and chatted on occasion. A couple times I've gone up on their porch, sat down and chatted for a while. I've never gotten negative feedback. Neither have I looked away without a word and quickly driven off when I've been seen. I think engaging them works best -- they know Mike, and now they know Mikki. No big deal.

  5. for me the woman searched an excuse to say she saw you dressed like a woman

  6. One of the things that used to cause such grief for myself, but that I now look back upon as such stupidity on my part, is the means I would go to in order to not be seen by a neighbor. Having been a fairly-known part of the community, it was about five minutes-worth of a drive before I could feel comfortably safe from detection. One day, about five years ago, I just said f*ck it, and proceeded to do some painting on the front of my house as the woman I am. A few days later, the guy across the street asked my wife if that were her sister who was working around the house lately. She replied, "No, that's (dead name), who is now Connie." A couple of days later, when I was outside again, the neighbor shouted across the street, "Hi Connie! How's it going. Lookin' good!" I assumed that he was referring to my paint job looking good, but he called me Connie - and that's good enough for me.

  7. I have been seen a few times The neighbors have since moved. I live in a dense area in SoCal. Generally I don't care my wife may if it is mentioned to her. I do try to stay discrete around home but if seen so be it. Most don't care and tose that do I don't need....Sallee

  8. AnonymousJune 06, 2019

    I, too do a 'recon run' and peek around the back and the front of the house before exiting in my PICKUP TRUCK. The neighbor on one side is a retired military police officer who has known me since I was an early teen--53 years ago.
    I have a planned circuitous route through the neighborhood, so I can back my truck into my driveway without anybody noticing. I had to dodge my neighbor once when he was out cleaning his front yard by reversing course and deciding to further shop (and pee!) for about 30 minutes. Upon returning, Sgt. E, at age 85 had finished his cleanup and gone inside.
    At some point, it is inevitable that Velma and Sgt. E will meet, and I guess I will let him know the reality of the situation. The 'cat and mouse' game is getting old, AND I am getting to the point where I simply dont give a damn who knows.
    I did just get new neighbors on the carport side of the house; I met her at Discount Tire yesterday, 9(I was 'in drab') when she announced her address to the sales clerk while buying her own tires. I realized her announced address made her MY NEW NEIGHBOR, a 20 something woman, 'great with child' and I am not going to worry about her as her youth is a positive factor in a chance meeting; besides her two side bedrooms face my carport, so the risk is low.
    In total, life is full of risks, and this risk, at least for me is minimal and worth the effort to 'go out and Femulate and enjoy my 'Velma self' for the afternoon.

  9. i go out dressed about half a dozen times or so a year, and have lived where i am now for the last 5 years. every time i do so i have to walk past the other two doors of the flats in the building i live in to get to the street, and every time i am locking up my own door (which for an OCD sufferer is a lengthy process - especially if a bit nervous) i think of the law of averages and that "this time one of those who live there is bound to come out just as i'm doing that or walking past"!

    anyway, amazingly that hasn't happened yet. the good news with regard to other neighbours is that the house directly next door to my flat is owned by what are almost certainly a gay couple, so i don't suppose seeing my alter ego would phase them? also the new town houses on the other side of the road are very expensive and desirable properties, and wealthy professional types don't tend to have prejudices against those that don't fit into the system like the lower classes do. the only real problem is that a muslim family live the other side of me, and i can't see them having much tolerance (plus i have no time for what i consider the anti-social husband anyway, and avoid him whenever i can - even in male mode). however fortunately the two properties are connected, with doorways the opposite sides of the semi-detached building. so the chances of being seen or running into them are minimal. but of course it could always happen one day!