Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Redux Redux

Reunion Redux Dept.

In addition to being disappointed about not attending my high school class reunion as a woman, I was also upset that I was disappointing all my blog's readers and I apologize for that.

There was talk at the reunion about getting together and doing it again when we all turn 70 years old. I am not holding my breath knowing my class' poor track record regarding reunions, but if it does occur, it will give me a second chance.

A few of my old tormentors were in attendance, but I did not socialize with them even though all but one seemed to be on good their behavior. However, the "one" was still the boorish lout he was in high school.

By the way, no one attended crossdressed, but a lot of people were disguised as old people!

Video Redux Dept.

If you have not seen it, the video of my presentation at last month's Hamvention is now viewable here on YouTube.

A ham radio operator who did see it, wrote the following.
I first ventured into Packet as soon as I earned my tech license. But getting started was difficult. No one in my circle of friends knew anything about packet setup, but a digi atop a 2700 foot mountain was incentive enough. So I drove to the Tigard HRO store and bought a book on the subject published by wa1lou. The information in the book explained the pin out for cables, what the settings should be, and go me on the air with a DOS machine, a Radio Shack 202, and a used MFJ 1278 TNC. And I've followed this author, Stanley, throughout the past 30 years. A few years ago wa1lou became editor of the TAPR newsletter. So this year, when TAPR emailed me the forum schedules I took a look did I ever find a surprise: Stanley, wa1lou, looks and sounds like a woman. And carries a purse. It's okay by me. Gender never crossed my mind. I'll still read everything she offers because even though she claims she's not high-tech she can sure simplify the path to success.
And so it goes.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Retrofete (Source: ShopBop)

Berlin in the 1920's
Femulating in Berlin in the 1920's


  1. Diane SmithJune 11, 2019

    Yup, found it right here on the shelf above the computer: "Your Gateway to Packet Radio," ARRL, copyright 1989, by some guy named Stan. My old MFJ 1278 still works, and flashes away a couple of feet to my left, although in recent years, it's only been used to receive NWS weather forecasts that a local company relays in RTTY mode. Someday I'll meet you at Dayton and get you to autograph that book ... as Stana, of course.

    Good memories.

    - Diane



  3. If any reader is/was disappointed in your attending the reunion in Stanley mode, too bad! You said you were helping someone and the effort required a greater number of hours than expected and that reduced your prep time.

    The ultimate point is that you attended your reunion. Consider the number of classmates who may have left this Earthly life or those who had no interest in attending... you attended!

    One last point. As you said, many of the other attendees were dressed as old folks. Based on your photos, you're wearing your age very well. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for the "wearing your age very well" comment!

  4. It has been my experience that most civilians react nicely when they encounter a trans/cross dressing individual. I have only had one bad incident, and even that wasn't so bad. For the most part, it's been smiles (nice ones, not condescending) and kind words (compliments on my outfit etc).

    1. The best was when I had my makeup updated in a department store. I "outed" myself to the woman (I mean, she had to know she was working on a guy) by saying "do you get many clients like me?" and she said "what do you mean clients like you?"

      What could I say? I said "nothing."