Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Today is named after the Norse God Odin

Letters Dept.

I received the following missive yesterday.
To play Devil's advocate.  From your blog it seems that your H.S classmates were very harsh to you and are not worthy of your time. 
Just curious, but what do you hope to achieve by attending your H.S. reunion enfemme? Is it to flaunt your femininity and feminine self to their face and show them you survived?  Something else?
Your appearance enfemme might only result in possible embarrassment to your wife, sister and/or daughter, and it might confirm to the bigoted originators of the bullying statements that they were right all along in the comments they made to you in H.S. 
Your Law School reunion went very well but college is different than H.S. H.S. students are young and bigoted and may not be forgiving - they were and can still be very cruel.  I would not want you or your family to be hurt.
Here is my reply.
Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
My law school and college days were not much different than my high school days. I was treated poorly by some of my law school and college classmates just like my high school classmates. Luckily, none of my tormentors showed up at my law school reunion.
So what do I hope to achieve by attending my high school reunion en femme?
High school was not all gloom and doom. I had a lot of good friends and I hope that some of them will show up so I can introduce them to the real me. I want to have a good time and I know I will have a good time if my old friends show up and accept me as a woman.
As far as any of my tormentors are concerned, I will flaunt my femininity in their face, but I will not give them the time of day.
And by the way, two of my tormentors will be no-shows because they are dead and buried.
Revisiting "Another Reunion"

Yesterday's post titled "Another Reunion" was about my law school reunion in 2012, not about my high school class reunion that is scheduled for this Saturday, June 8.

I stopped counting the number of people who thought yesterday's post was about my high school class reunion, which hasn't taken place yet!

And so it goes!

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Femulating in Paris in 1960.


  1. You go, girl!!! Looking good (and young) is the best revenge. Looking fabulous -- even better.

  2. Don't you back down and go drab (dressed as boy). I for one am sick and tired of the plain and ugly presentation men are required to adhere. I'm tired of the coffin sized constraints men have to observe in how they dress, grooming, and behavior.


  3. As others have said, you go girl and do not change your mind. You are truly an ambassador for the rest of us who are simply not able to do or act as desired. We can at least get to live vicariously through your efforts and travels. Because of what and who you were and are I was able to travel and enjoy my time while I was working. Being retired the opportunity is not there as regularly as desired.It definitely is missed.

  4. AnonymousJune 05, 2019

    I am offering this link as a well grounded treatise on School Bullying. This work mostly deals with the SEXUAL/SOCIAL DYNAMICS of BULLYING. I am SICK TO DEATH of the SHALLOW and EMPTY and SEEMINGLY CONSTANT but incomplete explanations on our local EYE-WITLESS NEWS. For some reason, the SEXUAL dynamic is NEVER discussed on the local news outlets.

    Stana, by all means GO AS STANA to your High School Reunion, and do what you do so well: JUST OWN IT!
    I doubt any attendee will 'own their own long ago animus' toward you or anyone else for that matter. Most of the bullying dynamic is lost to the winds after 'the adolescence stage of life' has ended.