Monday, June 24, 2019

Trolling Goldman Sachs Coming Out

The trolls had a field day with The New York Times article I mentioned here in my previous post, Coming Out at Goldman Sachs.

Here is a rather despicable post from a troll, who is green-eyed jealous of Maeve's salary and uses that to attack her. You can find more vile comments following the Times article.

Thank you, Velma, for the heads-up!

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus.

Image from a penny arcade card, circa 1942
Image from a penny arcade card, circa 1942

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  1. I think that poor Mr Sailers (NYT-Goldman Sacks critique) feels bad that he hasn't had the courage to start his transition.
    "Be careful about what you criticize others because that is what reflects you the most."