Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Padding Your Hips and Rear Again

I recently reviewed the Padded Rear and Hips Shaping Girdle (PR&HSG) from Glamour Boutique. My review motivated Velma to purchase a PR&HSG for herself. Her review follows.

I just got a chance to wear my PR&HSG in the real world for the first time.

As per the Glamour Boutique, the sales outlet, they advised me via email on the proper size I should order. The order using standard shipping was totally timely, and discrete. I was further incentivized by the fact the garment was on ale for $10 off as well as the $5 first time purchaser discount.

I ordered waist size 38 and it went on with no struggle or tug. The first thing I noticed was how I achieved a real hip and derriere defined waistline so that skirts with elastic waistband would hang properly and not accidentally slip and fall on that specifically defined waistline.

I also tried the PR&HSG while wearing several different styles of jeans shorts'and regular leg jeans (woman's size 16/16W), which were made from the type of jeans cloth having the lycra-spandex stretch characteristics unique to womans clothing. Everything fit, just with a curvier feel and greater, curvier, visual aspect. That was a great relief, so I did not have to start replacing wardrobe due to size change. The nice feeling of sitting down while wearing the PR&HSG was also a plus.

I also tried to add more derriere by adding another somewhat thin, but curvy, pre-molded well-defined cheeks, shapewear derriere over the PR&HSG and that also did help enhance, but not exaggerate the derriere because men in our family are all seriously gluteus maximus deficient.

If I have any issue with the PR&HSG, it that it could use thicker and taller hip pads for more accent on the hips. I have some extra hip pads around the house and I plan to insert them on my next femulation foray.

One thing before I go: I neglected to do a supplemental measurement of my new waist/hip measurement numbers just to be more aware of future clothing purchases.

Would I purchase it again? Yes

Source: Venus
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Richard Kline
Richard Kline (right) femulates in a 1982 episode of television's Three's Company.


  1. Velma makes a good point when she suggests the shaper could use longer hip pads. The two parts of our bodies that tend not to work with women's fashions are our arms and our trunk, both of which are longer than those of women. Wouldn't it be nice if the garment had one of those extended waists?

    1. AnonymousJune 19, 2019

      ADDENDUM: June 19, 2019. Velma and her PR&HSG went out shopping. One extra advantage of the PR&HSG is that it limits the walking gait to a more ladylike step. AND it is 'just plain 'ol FUN! to wear! Velma

  2. Once again, I think it is important to note that the "PR&HSG" doesn't work for everyone -- I wasn't happy with the end result -- and Glamour Boutique will not accept returns on the item

    Also, the pads are really difficult to remove/replace for cleaning.