Friday, December 29, 2017

Watch the Birdie!

Hey Stana,

Have you ever considered a segment on self-photography?  You do an awesome job!


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I take photos of myself nearly every time I present as a woman. I do it for two reasons:

To feed this blog. (The blog is hungry for photos and it must be fed.)

To see if the outfit I am wearing is good, bad or ugly. (Photos are more revealing than a mirror. What I see in the mirror often looks different in a photograph. Photographing my fashion faux pas allows me to make adjustments, for example, put on a girdle so I don’t look so fat.)

Self-photography is an art. I probably discard 4 out of 5 of the self-photos I take because there is something technically wrong with them (usually related to focus, framing, lighting or worse, because I look fat).

I use my iPhone 6s for most of my self-photography. The quality of the iPhone photos is very good in my opinion (good enough for me) and it is hard to beat the convenience.

I use the self-timer function in the iPhone's Camera app for a lot of my self-photography. Set the timer for 10 seconds, click the Camera's shutter button, walk into the Camera's field of vision, pose, smile, watch the birdie and wait for the Camera to snap a shot.

In a pinch, I lean the iPhone against something to take a self-timed photo. But most of the time, I use a small tripod designed to hold the iPhone. The tripod has bendable legs, so I can use it in diverse settings.

Instead of using the self-timer, I recently purchased a bluetooth shutter remote to trigger the Camera app. Using the remote, I don't have to click the Camera's trigger button, walk into the Camera's field of vision, pose, smile and watch the birdie all within 10 seconds. Instead, I can take my time and remotely trigger the Camera whenever I am ready for my close-up.

That covers the hardware, but what about the software, that is, the model in my selfies?

I learned that my best photos are ones in which I smile.

Over the years, I have seen thousands of photos of transgirls and I can never understand why some girls look so unhappy in their photos. They are living their dream, although sometimes only momentarily and they should be very happy about it, yet some of them look like they just downed a spoonful of castor oil!

So, smile and smile naturally, not in a forced manner. I used to have a forced smile in my photos, but I worked on it and now my smiles look natural and the results are much better!

I am also becoming more adept at posing for my photos.
  • I tilt my chin up slightly and extend my neck forward to avoid the double chin.
  • Instead of a straight-on shot, I turn my shoulders slightly to the left or right. And pose with one leg in front of the other, for example, by crossing my legs at the ankle.
  • With legs crossed, sometimes I will put one hand on my hip. This elbow-jut pose results in a ladylike ballerina effect.
  • To accentuate my legs, I thrust one hip to the side, stretch out my opposing leg as far as it will go and point my toes.
Taking selfies as you pose in a mirror is tricky.
  • For starters, shut off the flash, otherwise your selfie will be nothing but flash and that is not the result you want unless you are Barry Allen.
  • Take mirror selfies while looking at your reflection in the mirror rather than looking at the trigger button on your smart phone. This is simple with the iPhone because you can shoot a photo by clicking one of the iPhone's volume buttons, which is a lot easier than trying to click the virtual trigger button on the iPhone's screen.
  • Before showing off your mirror selfies, use photo-editing software to flip the image horizontally so that you look natural and not the opposite, which is what a mirror displays.
I am a work-in-progress and so is my self-photography, but practice, practice, practice and someday my photos will do justice to a complete woman.

(This post is an update of a post that originally appeared in June 2015.)

Source: Pinterest
Wearing Banana Republic (Source: Pinterest)

Caprice, a 1950's professional femulator in Paris


  1. Great article on taking pictures, I’ve often use the joke that the way to tell a transgender person at the family reunion is that person is the only one who knows how to use a self timer on the camera

    Went out and about I always frame my photos with something to tell a story the name of the restaurant a statue or landmark the name of the store shopping at.

  2. Dear Stana,

    I have commented before about the importance of SMILING when being photographed "en femme". A male who does not smile when presenting as a woman in a photo almost always looks angry or upset. Equally as bad is when a femulator tries a serious "meant to be sexy" facial expression. In my opinion, femulator photos always look best with a beautiful smile. For me, it's easy to smile at my utter joy in being completely dressed and made up as a woman.



    1. AnonymousMay 31, 2020

      Absolutely dead right.. So many femulators look flat-out miserable.. For me, when I saw myself fully dressed from head to toe for the very first time - I glowed with happiness. Also few GGs pose with their legs apart.. and arms held like a gunslingers.. Feet together girls - and tuck those elbows in!

  3. I've discovered a snappy way to trigger the shutter on your iPhone.
    Just plug in your headphones, open your camera app, and when you're ready, press the volume control (up or down). It works great! :)