Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Today, I am attending my former employer’s Christmas luncheon and I will attend en femme. (You can read last week's posts to see how I came to that decision.)

My five consecutive Halloween appearances dressed as a business woman probably made some of my co-workers wonder about my gender and even my sexuality. I did come out as transgender to HR, my manager, supervisor and a few close friends. I know for a fact that at least one co-worker assumed I was transgender and she was probably not alone. If anyone asked, I would have been honest with them, but no one ever asked, so I did not volunteer anything.

By the way, a couple of people expected me to show up en femme for my retirement luncheon and/or my last day at work. I thought about it, but chose not to. (Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but at my retirement luncheon, there was a poster containing photos of me at work during various times over my 20-years of employment. Included was a photo of me en femme at work.)

What to wear?

I was planning to wear an outfit a notch up from business woman drag. I had a couple of recent Dress Barn and Macy's purchases in mind. Then I read a few articles about what to wear to an office Christmas luncheon (as opposed to an evening office Christmas party). The outfits I planned to wear were a little conservative in comparison to what the articles suggested.

Monday morning, I looked through my closet trying to find something suitable to wear today when I came upon a gold pleated skirt that I bought on closeout from Avon years ago. I never wore it because it did not look good on me, but now that I lost weight, I wondered if it would look better. So I stripped down to my panties, paired the skirt with a black gold-bejeweled top, modeled my outfit in front of a mirror, liked what I saw and decided that is what I will wear along with black opaque tights, black patent Mary Janes with a chunky heel, black designer bag, gold scarf and gold jewelry.

The outfit is probably a little over-the-top for a Christmas luncheon, but this is my swan song, so I might as well go out with a bang.

Source: ShopBop
Veronica Beard dress, Lizzie Fortunato earrings and Edie Parker clutch (Source: ShopBop)

Timur Rodriguez
Timur Rodriguez femulates Diana Ross on the Russian television version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. I would bet what tipped them off is not the way you dressed.. but the way you carried yourself. You can dress a man as a woman, and he can even look good.. but not carry himself and behave as a real woman. He'll give himself away. You probably did too

  2. Somewhere I read this pearl of wisdom: "If in doubt, overdress!"

  3. Sounds like a nice outfit, we're all looking forward to the photos. this is a good opportunity to glam it up a bit without having to go overboard, and they will all remember you going out with style!

  4. Have a wonderful Luncheon Stana, I wish I was there with you!!!

  5. I've said before, when women go somewhere special, they dress UP. Whenever I (or probably you) go out dressed, it's special, so DRESS UP. And enjoy the compliments.

    And I'll be further presumptuous and suggest a shared goal is for going out en femme to not be special.

  6. You WILL be remembered, that's a lasting impression!