Monday, December 11, 2017


My quest this holiday season was to gift myself with a pair of white stiletto booties.

I thought my quest was over when I found exactly what I was looking for in my size (12) at JustFab.  The price was reasonable ($39.95), so I ordered a pair and they arrived about a week later.

The booties were beautiful, although their 4.75-inch heels gave me pause.

I slipped on a pair of knee-highs and tried them on. Holy Moley — They were tight and I could barely zip them up. There was no way I was going to sashay around town in those beauties. Size 12 was the largest size JustFab offered, so I packed them up and shipped them back for a refund.

I renewed my quest by visiting Google and Amazon and found more white stiletto booties, but very few came in my size and the few that did were brands I had never heard of. But what choice did I have? So I threw caution to the wind and ordered a pair branded "Charm Foot" in size 12 (via Amazon for $33 plus $9.99 shipping).

Amazon informed me that my order would arrive between December 12 and December 28. That news was disappointing because if they arrived at the tail end of that estimate, I would not be able to wear the booties while walking around in women's underwear on Christmas Eve.

Last Wednesday, Amazon sent me an update regarding my booties and it was not good news: "Your package is still on the way, but it may arrive later than December 28." So it looked like I might not be wearing my booties while walking around in women's underwear on New Year's Eve either.

Later that same day, UPS dropped off a package. It was not the typical Amazon box and it was so curiously wrapped that I suspected it came from overseas. Could it be my booties?

I removed the thick white plastic wrapped around a flimsy corrugated cardboard box, opened the box and found my new booties. Each bootie was in its own cloth bag. I removed the booties from their bags and at first blush, they looked too small, but I slipped on a pair of knee-highs anyway and tried them on.

Surprise! They were a perfect fit and their 4-inch heel were within my comfort zone! Wearing my booties while walking around in boy's underwear for a half hour was not a painful experience and I was a very happy camper!

Now I can't wait to wear them while wearing women's underwear.

Source: Pinterest
(Source: Pinterest)

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  1. While most men cannot fathom why some women fuss and fawn over a new pair of shoes there are those of us who really get it. There is a wonderful feeling I get when a new pair of heels fit and look great.

  2. Those booties from Just Fab are seriously cute... but if they run small they are out, even if they weren't too high for me