Sunday, December 17, 2017

Girls' Night Out

Friday evening, I had dinner with three women I used to work with: my former manager and supervisor and J, the executive assistant who invited me to the company Christmas party and responded to my RSVP with "Awesome, Sandy."

I don't have to tell you who was wearing a dress and who was wearing pants. In fact, I was the only person in the restaurant wearing a dress!

Although my friends were dressed more sensibly for the weather (snow flurries with temperatures in the low 20's), they gushed over my appearance. J said I looked "amazing."

I had to know about J's Sandy reference, so I asked her if she knew I was trans. She replied matter-of-factly, "Of course!"

My follow-up question was if Stan or Stana was invited to the company Christmas party? She said I could attend in whatever way I felt most comfortable.

So that settles that!

Speaking of comfort, I intended to wear my new white booties. I slipped them on, but after 15 minutes, my right foot's big toe was in pain. I took the bootie off to investigate and I thought that the seam of my thigh highs was the cause. I adjusted the seam so it was not under my big toe, put the bootie back on, but the pain persisted.

The bootie came off and on again a few times to readjust the hosiery, but I could not solve the source of the pain. By the way, my left foot's big toe was a happy camper in her bootie.

I did not have any toe cushions to try to relieve the pain, so I gave up and switched to the Christian Siriano high heel pumps you see me wearing in the accompanying photo. They are beautiful shoes, but I had not had an occasion to wear them out yet and after my big toe issue, I was a little concerned about the shoe's 4.5-inch heel.

Turned out that they were very comfortable and the very high heel was not an issue. I wore them all night long and did not switch to flats for the drive home. (By the way, people are amazed that I can drive a manual transmission vehicle while wearing high heels!)

(To be continued.)

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Parker dress, Wolford tights, Lulu Frost earrings and Serpui Marie clutch (Source: ShopBop)

Crossdressed at a Christmas party
Boys and girls crossdressed at a Christmas party, circa 1935.


  1. You look wonderful in your floral frock and strappy heels, Stana. Not hard to believe you were the the only person the restaurant wearing a dress. The art of feminine dress is falling on hard times and many GGs see skirt-wearing as something to be endured instead of enjoyed. Thank goodness folks like us are keeping it alive. As far as I’m concerned, dresses are works of art and donning one turns YOU into a work of art!

  2. Your friends are quite right, you do look fabulous, the dress really suits you and the shoes are perfect.

    I too find driving a manual fine in heels, as long as the seat is properly adjusted, I actually find my van easier than my car, the biggest risk is to the back of the heel, without due care the back of the heel or upper can rub on the floor and show signs of wear.

  3. Stana, the photo accompanying today's blog entry is one of the most flattering you have ever posted! ~ you look so content and happy (and rightfully so!)

    A great look!

  4. Well, a woman should show her best features, and your legs are better than most of the other women at the place, so you should have considered a dress. Though I might give them a pass for the weather

  5. A beautiful dress and it paired well with the heels. I think that the heels gave it a much better look than the bootie.
    Driving a manual in very high heels can be a bit of a challenge but there is an extra joy in doing it in that you have both pretty feet engaged. Only issue I had was with a sports car with a very firm clutch one time when I had to back it up a hill for about 200'. Riding that very hard clutch for that long a period gave me a cramp in my calf.

  6. Stana, as always you look fantastic when going out dressed. Such a beautiful dress on a beautiful woman would certainly draw my attention, but I would spend most of my time staring at those gorgeous heels! I love Siriano shoes, now I need to find them - Payless, here I come!