Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Get Curvy

Recently, people have commented positively about my figure and Billie asked, “I would like to learn your secret to a wonderful and very womanly body!”

Over 50 years of femulating, I have tried various methods to achieve a girlish figure. I will not bore you with that history; instead, I will concentrate on my current modus operandi for getting curvy.

From top to bottom, I wear a bra, waist cincher, and panties. Over the bra and waist cincher, I wear a shapewear cami and over the panties, I wear a shapewear brief.

Waist Not Want Not

I wear a waist cincher to reduce my waistline by a few, but noticeable inches. My waist cincher is so old that the brand name tag is unreadable and I don't remember the brand, but it is nothing unusual. It is a dead ringer for this 12-inch long, front hook-and-eye closure Maidenform waist cincher that is available from JCPenney's, Kohl's, Macy's, etc.

Occasionally, I strap on my heavy-duty underbust corset if I think I will need a little extra curvature, but normally, my waist cincher is all I need.

For the Girls

Victoria's Secret claims that their Bombshell push-up bra will add two cup sizes. It is heavily padded to accomplish that feat. Since I am blessed with small, but decidedly female breasts, wearing a Bombshell bra makes my girls outstanding in their field without anything extra.

I am sold on Vicky's Bombshell bra and that is the only kind I have bought since they were recommended to me by a saleswoman at Vicky's. I think you will be happy wearing a Bombshell, but  if you are flat-chested, you probably need to wear a breast form to fill out the cups of the Bombsell. (Later, I will describe how to make your own breast forms.)

For the Boys

I wear panties under a Bali shapewear brief, although the shapewear manufacturers' claim that panties are not necessary "because they all make shapewear with a cotton crotch or an accessible crotch."

That being said, I wear panties to help manage my boy parts down under. I tuck and the panties help keep the tucked parts in place. I have had less success maintaining tucks wearing shapewear without panties, although your mileage may vary.

Whereas the panties keep my boys in check, the Bali shapewear brief flattens my tummy and rounds up my cheeks to achieve a more attractive and more feminine shape.

Smoothing Things Over

Over the bra and waist cincher, I wear Bali's cami torset top. It is a cami with the front cut out to allow you to wear whatever bra you want. Meanwhile, it smooths out any uneveness that may occur between the bra and waist cincher and it also eliminates the back fat that has long been an issue that I thought I would never conquer.

I tuck the shapewear cami into the shapewear brief to keep the cami from riding up.

Voila! That is how I achieve my girlish figure.

There are a lot of layers and they can warm you up, but I solved the overheating issue by wearing short skirts! Short skirts and a fab figure are a winning combination!

Back to the Girls

I mentioned above that I don't wear breast forms because my natural B cups sitting comfortably in a Bombshell bra are more than adequate. But if I am wearing something revealing that will show off cleavage, I use breast forms to help create that cleavage.

In the past to create cleavage, I used surgical tape to squeeze my breasts together then added makeup to enhance the squeeze. It was very effective, but removing the tape was very painful and often resulted in skin abrasions and minor bleeding that took days or weeks to heal.

I now use a painless method to create cleavage ― a combination of a Victoria's Secret Bombshell push-up bra and breast forms, which is just as effective as taping and a lot more comfortable.

I insert a breast form into a bra cup with one hand, lift my breast with the other hand and place the form under my uplifted breast. The uplifted breasts create the cleavage and the heavy padding of the Bombshell bra holds everything in place just like the surgical tape had done so in the past.

I have gone whole evenings without my girls moving out of place, but if there ever is any slippage, I can quickly lift my breast(s) back in place when I have a private moment (like in a stall of the ladies' room).

Makeup For My Girls

After my girls are in place, I add makeup, applying two shades of bronzer or powder. A dark shade adds depth to the shadows of the cleavage and a light shade enhances the front of the breasts to make them look more outstanding.

I apply the darker shade in the space between my breasts and sweep the powder upward and outward, creating a V-shape along the “natural” curve of the breasts, then I blend the powder until it looks like a shadow and not a strip of powder.

A little goes a long way, so don’t overdue it. You can always add more dark powder if needed; removing it is more difficult.

I apply the lighter shade to the front of my breasts and blend it back towards, but not all the way to the dark shade.


I made my own breast forms using a female impersonator's recipe: birdseed in a sock. (I actually used dried green peas instead of birdseed.)

1.  Use birdseed or dried green peas to fill a thin sock (not a thick heavy sock) to the cup size you desire.

2.  Tie off the sock as close as possible to the ball of seed or peas.

3.  Trim off any access sock and fold the remainder over the knot. Under a bra, the knot does a good job of femulating a nipple.

I made my forms over 30 years ago and they are still holding up.

And so it goes.

Source: JustFab
Wearing JustFab.

Peter Outerbridge
Peter Outerbridge (right) in the 1999 Canadian film Better Than Chocolate.


  1. Sally StoneJanuary 12, 2016


    I use bird seed breast forms as well, and like you, I made them myself over 20 years ago. I actually made two different sizes. They have worked so well I hardly wear my silicone forms, which obviously, were much more expensive. I find that the birdseed forms do a better job of creating cleavage, because the fabric I use to make the forms (old tights) is course enough to keep my natural boobs pushed together.


  2. Stana Not surprisingly I use a very similar solution, it changes from time to time over the years, heck that's what makes it fun!

    I recently bought a one piece flexee by Maidenform, it light like Spanx and gives awesome control. It also has an opening for bio breaks, I can wear this and take care of business without take off multiple layers, it is also lighter in the summer.


    If any girls are looking for a cheap and very power waist nipper, try using a back support belt that are sold in home depot, it pulls in the tummy big time like a corset and is much cheaper

    So many choices so much fun!!!!

    1. Thanks! (bio breaks, ha!) sara

  3. sei sempre preziosa nei consigli!!! grazie e baci baci baci.

  4. You are very correct in saying "short skirts and a fab figure" are a winning combination. They are also a huge turn-on! Thanks for all you do and share, Stana.


  5. On the top I use prothesis breast forms after going through socks, birdseed etc.,I find them so comfy so unnoticed. On the bottom, crotchless tights,Vanity Fair full briefs, Rago open bottom corselette then large plastic foam combined bum and hip pads with cut off tights over. Sounds a lot and it is but it creates a convincing female shape. Most women are bigger at the bottom than the top. I don't constrict my waist these days, it seems it has become less important with good padding and the need to eat! Forget the size of you hips, your proportions are what count,


  6. Patio PlasmaJanuary 12, 2016

    I use a system very similar to Stana. After starting with birdseed I bought Amoena breast forms on e-bay. I also bought Amoena bras which come in small cup sizes for us flat chested ladies and have pockets for the breast forms. I really like the feel of the silicone breast forms. I also use adhesive silicone cups from Dritz available at Joanne Fabrics (they usually have a 50% off coupon every week.) The adhesive lasts for about 25 wearings then you have to get new ones. The adhesive ones are nice for use in a bathing suit. The Dritz adhesive cups in size D pad out my band size 40 body to a subtle AA cup which can then be augmented with a padded bra as Stana notes.

  7. Dear Stana,

    For the top, I wear really good, expensive breast forms. I wear them in bras with pockets to hold them. Actually, most of my pocketed bras are mastectomy bras. I'm very sensitive and empathetic to genetic woman that have to wear a mastectomy bra due to cancer, and sometimes have felt bad wearing them myself. But I accepted that they are the best solution for me, and I feel it's Okay since I do think sympathetically about cisgender women that have to use them. There is nothing that ruins a transwoman's look than having breast forms show in a non-pocketed bra.

    For the bottom, I finally found the best Gaffs (after buying many different types). They are "The Ultimate Genital Hiding Gaff" from www.cross-dress.com (be sure to type the hyphen between "cross" and "dress"). They are very high quality, and they have the widest crotch section (significantly wider than any other gaff), so they more completely and easily cover all the male "junk". I pull the gaff firmly and fully in and up. I wear Vanity Fair or Dixie Bell nylon tricot panties over the gaff, and I love that I look like a cisgender female in my panties.



  8. you look gorgeous in this outfit!