Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Piercing and Shaving

Susie Hune recently wrote to me about piercing her ears and removing her hair. Her thoughts on these topics were interesting and I want to share them with you.

A summer or so ago, my daughter and granddaughter finally convinced my wife that I should get my ears pierced (took about three years). Conservatively, I’ve noticed that about 90% of the guys with any kind of earring are wearing them on both ears. (I think they can’t remember for sure which side they’re supposed to go in!)

So we all trooped over to the mall and Piercing Pagoda and got ‘em done. I got the little gold balls that were unobtrusive and wore them to Mass the next day. I had one comment by a friend of mine in the choir, followed by another member. Both were very positive! No comments from any of my other choir members… or even sneaky glances! It was a non-event and very anti-climactic. Not sure how I feel about that.

Now I have access to my wife’s earrings and have had fun going out to Kay Jewelers to pick out new ones (as Susie, of course).

So, no time like the present, Stana. In fact, give yourself a present!

This leads to another subject: outward appearances and what the public will accept.

I’m almost 70 and one of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t have something done with my body hair when I was younger. I body shave everyday and it’s time-consuming to say the least. Half-hour showers are the norm and I wish removal of gray hair with laser was possible.

If I have one suggestion for anyone in our shoes (heels), it’s find ANY excuse to get all the non-female hair removed from your body as young as you can!!! Laser or electrolysis… just get it removed! There will come a time in your life where you’ll regret not doing so. If you consider that I spend about 30 minutes per day for face and body… multiplied by 365 days per year… that’s a lot of shaving cream, razor blades, and water. The plus side is the feeling you have when you are hair-free below the neck. Oooh, that’s nice, particularly in a nightie!

And again, I go everywhere in the summer in women’s shorts with bare legs and no one gives me a glance (except for the few that know all about me and from them I hear “nice legs!”)
In summary, get your ears pierced, Stana, and encourage your readers to get all their masculine hair removed using any and all excuses available.

Source: HauteLook
Wearing La Femme.

Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan


  1. Yes, body hair is bad. I'll definitely take Susie's advice and have them permanently removed (I already use an epilator, but for some reason never seek professional [permanent] hair removal)!

  2. I am currently having my facial hair removed by electrology. I do not have a lot of body hair and I remove that once every two weeks by shaving. I agree with Susie about removing hair. It's funny, I am not interested in having my ears pierced but I did get my belly button pierced.

  3. Hate the body hair too!! Yuck!!

    I too found the earrings a non-issue. I wear three and I've never received any questions about it. Lots of guys wearing lots of earrings.

    More interesting to me have been the comments I've gotten about my nail polished toes, which I'll wear in the open in both boy and girl modes. In boy mode, I've had a couple of women tell me its really cool and more men should do so. I'm generally wearing blues and more manly toe colors, if there is such a thing. I don't think I've left my pink toes out in the open in boy mode, however. :-)

  4. Having my ears pierced was a bit of a non event for everybody else, but for me opened up so many more options, and since I wear studs while working make me look and feel more feminine even while I am at work ( in gardening jeans and sweaters or tee shirts), as for body hair, that's a big yuck!