Wednesday, January 20, 2016

in the Dress

Actor Billy Kennedy portraying The Boy in the Dress
in a BBC made-for-television movie.
The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress is a children's book written by David Walliams, a British comedian best known around here for his femulations on television's Little Britain. Published in 2008, The Boy in the Dress presents the story of a crossdressing youth in a very positive light.

I was aware of the book, but did not pay much attention to it until recently, when I came across Internet images of young boys and their teachers going to school en femme to celebrate World Book Day. On that day, students and teachers attend school dressed as characters from a book.

Evidently, Dennis, the boy in The Boy in the Dress, was a very popular costume choice this past World Book Day, at least in the UK. I did not notice any Dennis costumes in the USA, but they might have slipped under my radar.

The Gurl in the Dress

I post images on Pinterest and I just created a Pinterest board titled "Stana Does Halloween." The board contains photos of all my Halloween femulations going back to 1976! Some of the photos have never been published anywhere before, so they are quite collectible, i.e., they have been collecting a lot of dust.


Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.

She wears the pants in this relationship.
She wears the pants in this relationship.


  1. Julie M ShawJanuary 20, 2016

    I've read the book. Don't know how popular it is in the States, but I enjoyed it.

  2. grazie tesoro per avermi consigliato questo sicuramente meraviglioso e giocoso libro...mi ricorda me da bambinetto quando indossavo sempre gli abiti le scarpe e le camicette di mamma!!! baci baci baci...bei ricordi!!!

  3. Dear Stana,

    I believe I know the cisgender woman (on the right) in the FEMULATOR photo above. If it is her, she is a wonderful friend and supporter of we "special girls" in central Florida. She runs a TG consulting business in the Orlando area. She does full make-overs, goes out socially with TG girls, shops with them, and teaches them how to walk in heels, and move and act as women.

    Since I'm not 100% it is her, I won't mention her name here. If any readers would like to visit her TG business website, please email me at ...

    and I'll reply with her web address.