Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY Breast Forms

Hello Stana,

Thanks for all your time and effort producing your blog. If I may, I would like to make a critical observation on something you wrote recently that I think will benefit readers and offer all your readers some advice that could be very useful.

Recently, you mentioned making a set of boobs with the assistance of birdseed! Honestly, this approach was acceptable many, many years ago when there was no realistic alternative – but nowadays, there are so many realistic breast forms available, it is a minefield knowing which gorgeous accessory to choose and where to spend our money.

Equally, some breast forms are so expensive that for some of us, they are out of our budget or the expenditure cannot be justified. Therefore, anyone would be forgiven for taking your advice and exploring the birdseed option.

I would like to suggest an alternative that will consign the birdseed option to history (where it belongs – please do not feel offended!) and be a viable choice for many transgirls - balloons.

I am sure many of us have tried party balloons before, but their downside is that they puncture easily and are mostly on the small size.

There is available a large balloon that is used to send meteorological equipment into the stratosphere. These meteorological balloons are by nature of the task for which they are designed, manufactured to exacting standards from materials that are tough, resistant and durable. They can be inflated with air to enormous size – a property that doesn’t interest us as we intend to fill them with water – but it demonstrates how capable they are. They come in various uninflated sizes and what you need to decide is which one to choose, rather like which size of cup do you need.

What you are trying to achieve is as follows:
  • Fill the balloon with water so that it stays floppy and does not start to become round in shape.
  • Tie a simple loose knot and DO NOT cut the end off. A knot is safer than string, which may cut the balloon.
  • Slip into your bra and check the required shape and fullness.
  • If you need more/less ‘bust’ remove, undo the knot and add/remove water.
  • Repeat this process until you are happy with the result.
  • Do the same for your other boob, but in order to create a matching pair, weigh your first one and then accurately measure out an equal amount of water for the second one. This is best done in a jug, but remember to allow for the weight of the jug. Use a funnel to make pouring easier.
  • When you are finally happy with the cup size, make sure you expel all air (to avoid watery sounds when you move) before tying the final knot which needs to be secure. Still do not cut the end off the balloon. You may wish to make alterations later. Also, it is possible to devise various methods to secure the balloon end and anchor the "balloobs" in your bra to stop them falling out.
  • I would suggest going for the natural color that is almost like a skin tone, otherwise white would do.
  • Before wearing, I suggest warming balloobs in the washbasin, but if you don’t they soon reach body temperature.
  • A search on the Internet for meteorological balloons will bring up many sites. Prices can be way over $150 (£100), but you should be able to find a suitable balloon for $15-$20 (£10-£15). The only considerations really are color and more importantly, uninflated size.
  • They may contain latex and if you have an allergy. then consider making a pocket in your bra to keep them away from your skin.
  • The balloons are manufactured to be highly durable and tough so you should be able to lie on them without fear of bursting, but do watch out for any protruding under wires from your bra.
  • I am still on my first pair of balloobs that I made almost 20 years ago. They can lose a bit of water in time and it is a good idea to wash them after wearing in warm soapy water to keep the hygiene level up.
  • Finally, I can add that if you have only experienced birdseed or socks for a breast shape, your balloobs will feel quite amazing and worth the time and effort.

Regards and Best Wishes,


(If you are interested in birdseed breast forms, the recipe appears at the end of this post– Stana)

Source: ShopBop

Drag Ball in the UK, circa 1970.
Drag Ball in the UK, circa 1970.


  1. trovi sempre occasione per sorprendermi positivamente una testimonianza interessante e particolare da verificare e poi provare !!! grazie tesoro mi soddisfi sempre baci baci baci

  2. Thank you for the post; a topic of interest for many.
    i've tried both. i like the birdseed, but one gets little "bounce" from them (maybe i should have tried oiled sunflower seed, lol!) :) On the other hand, i enjoy the water's "bounciness," but i've also experience an embarrassing pop/leak... funny looking back, not so much at the time :D Ah, the joys of experimenting! sara

    1. Try adding gelatin to them. It makes them more realistic, and more durable.

  3. Most party stores carry large balloons, if you the gel inside baby diapers they adsorb water and turn to jelly, then you have a nice bouncing boobie

    Referred to by various names such as hydrogel, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylate absorbents, or in Pamper's FAQ as Absorbent Gel Material (AGM); these tiny crystals are carefully sprinkled inside the layers of the absorbent core of a diaper, being utilized for their incredible ability to absorb and trap fluid (

  4. Ooer - what a wasted opportunity!

    If you invest in stick ons you:
    a) get to wear tops that are strapless
    b) get a wonderful jiggle when walking
    c) can shower with them on (yowsers!)
    d) (if you get a good color match, and half close your eyes) get a rather thrilling view of yourself, topless, with boobs as nature intended,
    f) Can wear them in bed with a nightgown, without the need for a bra.
    Worth a few hundred dollars of my money!

    see - for example - www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZrBlwQPjK8

  5. All very interesting and quite ingenious, but these days very good quality inexpensive silicon forms are freely available on the internet, my tip is not to go to the websites of the "specialist" suppliers but look on e-bay or similar over the years I have had three pairs form "Softleaves" that I am very happy with prices can range from a few quid to a couple of hundred, but I suspect that the higher price ones are little if any better.

    I currently have two decent pairs for when I am on show, and a cheaper pair for work (I don't want to repeat a rather unpleasant accident I had a couple of years ago.

  6. Thank you for reminding me of what I used to use in the past and quite liked. I like the pliability of the balloons which helps when trying to supplement my own flesh, rather than a manufactured form which provides a replacement. They are also soft enough that I don't worry about giving hugs.

    I was able to find a pack of 5 36" balloons for $8 on eBay, which did well for me.

    Instead of using water, though, I use the gel from refreezable ice packs to fill them. The extra density avoids sloshing and gives a better feel. You will need a funnel and a pusher to load the balloon, though; the cut off top of a 2l soda bottle and a chopstick do the job well.

  7. Go to the store and buy old fashioned quart baggies (no ziplocs). Fill one with water and twist it on and on until the very top. Tie the knot at the top. Take a second baggie (you are doing this for durability) and add a tiny bit of water (1T). Put the first filled baggie inside & squeeze out all the air (the water helps this and prevents crinkling sounds). Tie a knot similarly as high as possible. You can fill the baggies in a measuring cup to get the right no. of CC's. This is way better than balloons or birdseed because the consistency is just about like that of a saline implant, and it's cheap.

  8. I like to get unflavored gelatin and add it to my water balloons for extra squishiness and eliminate the sloshing sound. They also seem to last longer and leak less this way.

  9. I like to add flavorless gelatin to my water balloons to add "Squishiness" , and eliminate the sloshing sound. They also seem to last longer and leak less this way.