Thursday, January 7, 2016

This and That Thursday

In the news...

A few days ago, Stan Jones posted this 1979 womanless pageant photo on Pinterest. This event took place in Burns, Oregon, and I could not help wondering if any of these gurls are now militia men or women.

On the tube...

Last night, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) showed Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. It was on past my bedtime, so I did not watch it, but I have seen it before and recommend it.

The plot, according to IMDB, "The Disciples of James Dean meet up on the anniversary of his death and mull over their lives in the present and in flashback, revealing the truth behind their complicated lives. Who is the mysterious Joanne and what's the real story behind Mona's son, James Dean Junior?"

Karen Black plays Joanne and is the key character from the perspective of a trans-chick flick.

In the air...

Frequent Femulate readers know that I go to Dayton, Ohio, every May to attend Hamvention. I already made my hotel reservations, but I am trying to decide how to travel to and from Dayton.

In the past, I have made the 735-mile trip by automobile with me driving solo both ways and I have learned to hate it, especially the return trip which I do in one day. After 13 hours on the road last year, I told anyone who asked that I would fly this year. I have said that before and ended up driving, but this year, I am seriously considering flying.

And if I fly, I will do it as a woman.

I have made many roadtrips including the Dayton trip, as a woman, but I have never flown as a woman. Jenn, one of the gurl hams I usually see at Hamvention sent me this link to a recent article about flying transgender. Despite that less than encouraging article, flying as a woman does not worry me; I will be thrilled to do so.

What gives me pause about flying as a woman is how to pack. For my Dayton roadtrips, I typically have two big pieces of luggage, my makeup tackle box and a computer bag. So I will definitely have to pack differently if I fly pretty.

Source: Internix
Wearing Elizabeth and James.

LA Closet Queen Ball 1974
Gurls attending the Closet Queen Ball in Los Angeles, circa 1974.


  1. Stana, I would advise against flying as Stana. You probably have a fifty-fifty change of being subjected to an "enhanced" search. It could go smoothly even if you are searched but there is a good change of it going terribly wrong. And I do mean terribly! Being detained over an hour, stripped searched because of breast forms and missing your flight.

    1. Thank you for your advice, Diana. FWIW, I don't wear breast forms.


  2. Kimberly Huddle coined the term Fly Pretty and has written extensively about it on her blog

    1. She has been a no-show for almost four months and I miss her!

  3. Stana, as you probably know, flying pretty is why I started my blog. It was five years ago and things are always changing but I had no problems (except a woman doing a pat down ~ it seems I passed for the guy who had problems with my cinch in the metal detector and he called over a woman to finish the search. Check the oldest posts of my blog for details!

  4. Stana, I have flow many times pretty although my recent frequency has been lower than desired. I have not encountered any problems including flying out of BDL which I assume is where you would leave from. If you read detail around the most incidents (which represent a low percentage of the number of trans passengers who have traveled in this time period) the problem has been that the person's outline did not match what was expected. The TSA agent pushes a button on the console to indicate man or woman before you are scanned. After the scan, the data is analyzed based upon the gender selected. If a a pre- or non-op MTF woman has not tucked themselves sufficient, then the profile will look odd to the agent analyzing the scan. So the lesson for all is that your outline must look good as well as not having anything that is not body or clothing. I have been patted down twice but both times were above the waste. BTW, breast forms (which you don't use) are not a problem since prognostics are allowed for whatever reason. The other options we have (and which I will likely do) is to pay the $75 and become a known passenger and get TSA pre-check on all of your flight. You get to skip the scanner and only go through a metal detector.

  5. I have flown quite a bit but always in man drab. Never got an enhanced search but I was patted down a few times! I'm quite small. You must tell us all your details!

    On a seperate issue; I'm curious, how ever do you maintain such a wonderful and fully womanly figure, Stana?

  6. I see that I have been beaten to referring you to Meg and Kimberly! I have flown pretty, on international flights in Europe, which is of course a little different, but as long as your paperwork is in order I see no reason for any problems ~ go for it, we all still need to have new experiences.

  7. Do you suppose the second femulator from the right could be the writer actor Ron Howard? Sure see a resemblance!