Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Secrets

Paula wrote, "Love your style; please share your secrets with us!"

I had to think about my "secrets" because most of what I do style-wise comes naturally to me. I don't think about it, I just do it. And this is what I do.

Emphasize your assets.

My legs are my best assets, so I show them off by wearing short skirts and high heels. Heels make my legs even more shapely and short skirts reveal the results.

And there is some truth when I say, "My skirt's not too short – my legs are too long! " I have resigned myself to the fact that the styles I prefer are going to be on the short side due to my leg length.

Dress for your body's age, not your calendar age.

My arms are svelte enough for sleeveless sheaths and my legs are toned enough for short hemlines, so I show off what I've got (while I've still got it).

When in doubt, wear nude pumps.

Matched to my skin tone, they're a safe bet and they make my legs look even longer.

If it works, keep working with it.

When I find a style that looks good on me, I become a fan of that style and populate my wardrobe with more examples of that style. For example, I discovered that I look good in wrap dresses and as a result, I now own an assortment of wrap dresses.

On the other hand, keep an open mind. When you are shopping, try on styles that are not in your style book. You never know – it may look great on you. That's how I discovered that jumpsuits belong in my style book.

Never buy a boring coat.

"Outerwear should never be an afterthought," says Holmes & Yang co-designer Jeanne Yang. "So many people only see you in your coat—if you're not wearing something great underneath your trench, they'll never even know!"

With that thought in mind, fur coats are never boring. I own two full-length fur coats and a fur jacket. And I love animals, so all my furs are fake.

Own something in animal print.

Animal prints are timeless, racy enough, and always glamorous. I own a variety of animal print clothing and accessories.

Scarves are not for hiding.

Scarves are recommended for girls like us to hide our Adam's apple. I don't have much of an Adam's apple, so I never wore scarves... until about five years ago, when I came across my dear departed Mother's stash of scarves. One girls' night out, I wore one of her scarves in her honor; I liked the look and began collecting and wearing my own stash of scarves.

Bigger jewelry is better jewelry.

Most girls like us are proportionally larger than cisgender girls. As a result, some of the jewelry designed for cis-girls is proportionally too small for us. So when I shop for jewelry, I shop for jewelry that is bigger rather than smaller.


If you have any questions about my secrets or anything else, please ask (stana-stana at

(Thanks to for helping me bring out my secrets.)

Caveat Emptor: This post is an edited rerun from two years ago

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Michalina Manios
Michalina Manios, a Polish gurl


  1. Stanna,

    as always excellent advice. I would add, get known for something, a lovely scarf eg. (or in my case) seamed stockings!


  2. Dear Stana,

    Thanks to you, I have bought 6 pairs of high-heel pumps from Payless. Some are size 11 Wide and others 12 Wide. The 11's fit perfectly, and the 12's are just a wee bit larger (and could come in handy if my feet swell just a bit). All have 3" slim heels (but not stiletto-spike) and closed toes. All but one pair have the shiny patent finish. I liked your look in nude pumps, so 2 pairs are nude (both shiny patent) and the rest are black. I donated all my other heels to charity, so I only have these heels (which I love, and am perfectly happy with). I do have some nice feminine flats ... I make sure my flats are very feminine ... I wouldn't want the women's loafers that look just like guy's loafers.

    The great thing about nude and black pumps is that either of those colors can be worn with any outfit. Sometimes I match the nude pumps to lighter colored skirts/dresses and other times to black outerwear. Same with black pumps ... sometimes with lighter color outerwear and sometimes with black.

    Also, thanks to you, Ms. Fashionista, I always wear Berkshire Thigh-High stockings in size Queen 2. I usually wear Taupe or Coffee tones, and rarely, black.



  3. grazie amore ti leggo sempre con grande affetto e partecipazione i tuoi scritti son sempre molto interessanti semplici leggeri ma molto efficaci pieni di consigli!!! grazie baci baci baci