Monday, January 25, 2016


It snowed here Saturday. About 4 to 5 inches, but at one point , the forecast was as high as 12 inches. I do not travel in snow (or potential snow) if I can avoid it, so I did not drive to the Boston area to attend First Event.

One of my regular correspondents, Alison, WA1YKL, did attend. She is a ham radio operator like me. She wore a badge displaying her call sign while attending First Event to see if any other ham radio operators in attendance would take notice and make a connection with her.

Her strategy worked. Another ham noticed the badge and they had an “eyeball QSO” (translation: meeting another ham in person rather than via the radio). Alison also ran into another trans ham who she knew previously from Tri Ess.

I have been attending ham radio conventions and meetings as a woman since 2010 and I always wear a badge displaying my call sign, as do most of the hams attending such events. I blend in as a middle-aged female ham and other trans hams who no know better, don’t pay me much mind.

But hams who read this blog and attend the same ham events as I attend have made an effort to find me at those events for an eyeball QSO. In that scenario, I have had eyeball QSOs with about 20 other trans hams including a couple who attended as women.

And over the years, I have had encounters with perhaps another 20 trans hams. Two were local hams who I had known for years — we were in the same ham radio club — then one day, they each showed up en femme at my support group’s meeting!

So, I am curious: how many trans hams are there? If you are a trans ham radio operator, just leave a comment saying so (with or without your call sign) or do the same with an e-mail.

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Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard.

Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches
Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches in French television's Catherine et Liliane.


  1. le tue storie i tuoi articoli son sempre molto particolari...belli!! io penso che siamo in molti ad esser crossdresser nell'anima!! quindi siamo ovunque e se ci dovessimo contare...vinceremmo l'elezioni!!! ...lancio anch'io il mio messaggio nell'etere: baci baci baci

  2. Never been a ham, but I am intrigued that some occupations and interests are perhaps overly represented within the trans community. Within my own local meetup group we seem to have a disproportionate number of technicians of one type or another, and as for model railways.........


  4. K0HZI licensed since 1956 first as novice and then general in 1958 and extra class in 2002.

    Have not met any other hams locally who are transgender. I have met a few on the ham bands after they posted they were hams on a few of the transgender forums. One ham I did not know was transgender I met on Tri-Ess chat room and we have had quite a few QSO's on 20 meter PSK31 prior to chat on Tri-Ess chat room.

  5. Resently got mine...... one of those bucket list things I I'm KE0FWE
    My best girlfriend here is also a ham. We plan to enjoy easy conversations during our Pride Fest here Denver Co. It will help us communcate during the Parade. Last year we had 370,000 Attendies 100,000 Spectors for the parade 142 entries 6,000 people in it 400 volunteers and 35 sponsors It's one of the largest in USA. yes It's blast!!!!
    Guess we should find a way to find just how many transgender folk are out there!!

  6. Diane SmithJanuary 25, 2016

    N(nine)LHI here, since 1991. Mostly do ATV and VHF/UHF digital stuff.

    - Diane

  7. 88 from an OM who has enjoyed being an XDYL since 1967 and who has been licensed since since 1974 as ZL3...

  8. G4 30 years ago. Still twiddling the dials as a listener, still trying to master heels.

  9. Patti O'PlasmaJanuary 28, 2016

    KK(six)DAY I get to work on my voice on the radio. Femulating on occasion for a decade now.

  10. Too funny, one of my fears has always been being outed to my Ham buddies! Wow! Maybe that RF does something to our testosterone?! .... .. .... ..
    Seems like certain types of people do and enjoy similiar things. I do know thre once was a certain individual who was very ackwardly in transistion that was a member of two seperate community based organized hobbies that I also was involved. It was sad to witness and/or be privvy to all the snickering, jokes and how people acted and viewed from behind her back.... This was years ago but that atmosphere has changed little. I wonder how many others had similiar thoughts, fantasies or feelings that they repressed through a viel of bigotry and mean spiritness to protect and boost their own feelings of inadquency?
    Well Fine business ladies

  11. Hi. Count me on that list

  12. Hi. Count me on that list

  13. I am a Ham and Transgendered. I would love to operate my old FT-101E dressed. Cool!

  14. I only just found this page. It's a bit further out, but I'm thinking of heading back to Hamvention this year. That'll be the second hamfest where I am myself. First one will be the local one here in March.

    Chrissy, KC(eight)UFV

  15. I'm thinking we should start a closed Facebook group of transgender hams. Anyone in?

  16. Don't forget the Rainbow Amateur Radio Association at

    73 de KC2SDS

  17. AnonymousJune 29, 2020

    I am a transgendered radio amateur. I am G0 and 52 years old. Been licensed since I was 17 and realised I was a girl at the age of 6 or so.

  18. Ashley in TexasJanuary 02, 2021

    Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. Ashley / W5FMR here! Finally came out as Trans a few years ago embracing my new life! Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <3

  19. I been crossdressing (over 40 yrs) just as long I have been on the CB'er, SWL and Ham. But I can meet on the Extra Class frequencies and we can have us a rag crew of a good time. I would throw my call sign, but I like my privacy,(unlike Google that likes to steal it). But I never did the eyeball qsl cards, I always thought that was dumb and a waste of money. I will how ever will happily mail out QSL Cards

  20. I am a crossdressing ham, extra class license holder. I am a avid QSL Card sender and like to hang out on 40 meters on the extra portion of the band.