Friday, November 20, 2015

The End

In response to my request on how to improve the feminine presentation of my little caboose, I received a couple of e-mails (in addition to Amy's article posted here yesterday).

Gina wrote, "Without padding, I am straight-sided, straight-backed, boy-shaped. I don’t look real, and regardless of whether or not anyone would notice, I don’t like it myself.

"I just love my curves and the feminine look they give me. I never go out without them, except on a hot summer day when I wear only panties and bra under a loose, flowing, summer dress.

"My padded body looks great in the bodycon dresses I love to wear. But, I have had to experiment over the years to get it just right.

"My lessons learned:

"–   Do it, but don’t overdo it; too much is as bad as too little.

"–   Always look in a full-length mirror to make sure it looks right, i.e., symmetrical, properly-positioned and no ridges.

"–   Use a padded panty instead of a larger garment. It’s a lot more comfortable and easier in the ladies room. I love my Bubbles Hipee and Squeem Perfect Waist – a perfect combination!

"–   Use a panty with only two pads, one for the hip and butt on each side. I have tried 4-pad panties (two hip and two butt) and found them to be cumbersome and difficult to control.

"–   I have found that the 4-pad panties sometimes have gaps or valleys between the hip and butt – especially in a bodycon dress or pencil skirt (maybe it’s just me).

"–   On the Internet, go to Dress Tech for the ultimate in hip pads. I saw these demonstrated at the 2015 Keystone Conference – very impressive, but expensive and maybe heavy. Couldn’t wear with my bikini. I’m waiting for the hip and butt version to come out before I decide.

"Whatever you wear – enjoy it and be confident!"

Bonnie wrote, "In response to your request, there is no need to ever Be Behind in the future, as I have some URLs for you to solve your concerns, and Be Prepared:

"TRANSFORM Padded Panty:

"Underworks Padded Panty:

"I have patronized this store for several years and have always been pleased with the products, prices and service. Hope this solves your query."

Source: BaubleBar
Wearing BaubleBar.

David Suchet
Actor David Suchet as Lady Bracknell on the
British stage in The Importance of Being Earnest.

(Thank-you, Davina)


  1. Interesting thread about padding. I have experimented over the years with many commercial "enhancers" and found them to be not enough. I make mine from foam ( plucked by hand to be concave) to enlarge my bottom and thighs and they seem enormous! But once one held in place with cut off tights (pantyhose) they give me the shape I want. My normal waist is 36" and hips 41". With corselette, breast prostheses and pads, I am a shapely 42", 33", 46"! Sounds big but proportion is all. Nothing shouts "trannie" like big shoulders with narrow hips.

    1. I agree....ones butt and hips HAS to be bigger than shoulders.....

  2. Carolyn, like you I have always made my own hip and butt pads. I use high density foam rubber cut to shape. I wear them under a firm, high waist pantie girdle and they give me great, feminine curves. I cut and shape them with an electric carving knife which works amazingly well. I like making my own pads because I can experiment with size and shape.

  3. Hi Carolyn, We're so happy that our Hipee Padded Brief has made a difference for you, especially seeing that you have become quite the expert in this field. It's obvious that you know this industry's products well! I hope we can continue to develop the products that increase self-confidence in those seeking the ultimate in realistic feminine curves! ~Best regards, Bubbles Bodywear

    1. One way to get publicity here is to permit me to try out your product and review it here.

  4. Bubbles,

    Good try, getting your ad in here. As I explained, padded panties etc. don't do it. For a womanly lower body shape, one requires not only a bigger bum but the padding has to extend to the hips and thighs. Women have larger pelvises than men and have a thicker layer of fat, that's why they are womanly! Go on, why don't you make a prosthesis to emulate this "womanliness".

  5. It was really just a sincere comment to thank you for your patronage and to express that we are happy that you like one of our products. As you already mentioned us in your article there really wasn't a need to "try to get an ad in here". As you mention in your blog, there is a long, large hip enhancing product by another company that is very heavy and very expensive and is not secure. We have been working on a larger realistic hip enhancer to create a womanly figure as requested on so many TG blogs. Unfortunately the logistics of creating a product that stays in place when sitting and standing, is realistic looking and feeling, that also remains realistic looking in constant movement, that is affordable, and that can be shipped to customers or stores affordably without damage has proven to be very difficult. And we are not the kind of company to throw something out there for sale that is untested or unproven. We haven't given up however! You will be the first to know when we have any new hip enhancers to introduce! XOXO, ~Bubbles

    1. that would be great....we are waiting for such a product!!!