Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last Night

I attended One Big Event last night.

I wore a purple Connected sequin-lace cowl-neck sheath dress from Macy's, nude high heel pumps from Payless, nude thigh highs from Berkshire and pearl jewelry from assorted sources.

I will write up the details about my evening out later today and post them as soon as possible.




  1. You look fantastic!!

  2. Beautiful as always, Stana, and I look forward to reading your post on the event.

  3. Dear Stana,

    You look gorgeous! Your dress and entire ensemble are beautiful! Is there anything more wonderful than being out as a fashionably dressed woman (especially when we spend 99% of the time dressed so boringly as a man)?

    And, speaking of Berkshire Thigh Highs, ever since you recommended them a few years back, they are the only nylons I wear. The Queen 2 size is perfect for me as a six-footer. I never liked pantyhose because they cover up the pretty panties I always wear. Although no one else sees it, one of the great pleasures in transforming myself into a woman is to dress slowly and savor the fun of seeing myself in the mirror ensconced in a beautiful bra, panties, full slip, and my Berkshire thigh highs before donning my dress or skirt and blouse combo.

    Also, thanks to a few mentions by you, I recently bought 2 pairs of Payless classic black patent pumps. I am thrilled with them. Using a coupon code from, the total bill for the 2 pairs was about $25! Each of the pairs of pumps were virtually identical to other pumps I had bought that cost about $79 apiece!

    Berkshire and Payless should hire you as their first transwoman model!



    1. I'd like that or at least, their first transwoman spokesperson!

  4. Stana- You look wonderful! sara elise

  5. Lovely look Stana!
    Well done, what a woman you are!
    Abigale xx

  6. Thank you all for the nice comments! My dress was gorgeous and I think a little of it's gorgeousness rubbed off on me! LOL