Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It Gets Better

Source: Tami
By Tami

Once gobs of Dermablend. Now only a light foundation is needed due to hair removal and shaving close.

Once my skin was course, now it is soft. (Retin A.)

Once clothes were ill fitting, now a size 8 is just right. Looks right.

Once my hair was short. Now it can be styled for either gender. (And color and highlights!)

Once I was directed to the men’s dressing rooms. Now I am welcome with the women.

Once my walk was clumsy. Now it expresses who I appear to be quite well.

Once I looked down and away from others. Now I smile and they smile back.

Once (I would notice), other diners would notice me. Now it is rare to see anyone take notice.

Once I would often hear the wrong pronoun. Not anymore.

Once I was alone. Now new friends are easy to make, and the encouragement is amazing.

Once I was gripped with fear while driving. Now a speeding ticket is no problem. (Yes, he was very polite.)

Once I avoided interaction, now men open doors for me, women converse.

Once uncertain looks meant ambiguity was obvious. Now only surprised smiles and good conversation follows.

Once the mall was the limit of my world. Now there are no limits to where I can go and what I can do.

Once questions of why and how were common. Now my sincerity, commitment and femininity are obvious.

The message is that if you are working hard at passing, you may actually pass better than you think. It takes time and practice, but it will get better. In recent years my many extended outings as Tami have been nothing but rewards. Every woman I meet seems to say, “Welcome to the Club!”

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.

Source: Lisa
Lisa takes a selfie after dressing for Halloween 2015.


  1. I can relate to Tami's article. It's calming as the transition moves you from fear to confidence to acceptance.


  2. Tami great article and some very well made points

    Too many girls don’t put real effort into looking good. A few years ago in front a bookstore I saw the prettiest girl, I watched her with envy as she walked thru the court yard, and perched on a bench. Everything about her was feminine, fashionable, smart, and beautiful. I looked her over as another woman would, and made a mental list of all the effort, it took to look this good. The hair, makeup, matching jewelry, eyebrows, her lashes, manicure, and pedicure, shaved smoothed and tan legs, designer shoes, and purse. It all looked so natural, graceful, and effortless. But it wasn’t effortless it takes hard work to look that good. You need to embrace the journey and work at it. Are you pulling your clothes and makeup out of storage once a month, like I did and expecting magical things to happen when you dress enfemme? Do you think that pretty girl in front of the book store just threw something together? No being a fashionable and pretty woman is a lifestyle. If you want it you need to work for it.

  3. Very well written and so true! I'm only six months or so into this and can see the difference, but I have a long way to go.


  5. A GG friend once said to me - "The devil is in the detail.."
    In other words, as you slowly get to grips with all the small things, gradually your 'look' will emerge. The vast majority of men will never notice the details - they just gain an overall impression. Only women look beyond that and are able to deconstruct the "look".. An analogy is the difference between sitting in the audience in a theatre and seeing a production from the wings.
    There's no end to it.. If you dress as a woman paying the same level of attention to detail that you put into your male appearance, it will never work. Putting that 100% feminine look together is a full-time job.
    This is the tricky part of successful dressing - and it's clear that Tami has done an enviable job.