Friday, November 6, 2015

TGIF (TransGenders, It's Friday!)

This day's post is a little late because I am a little behind. And if anything gives me away, it's my flat little behind.

I thought about padding my posterior, but I have seen a few girls who have padded and in my opinion, it doesn't look real. The foam padding provides the correct shape, but it does not move like a real behind. Rather, it looks stiff  just like foam padding!

Awhile ago, I found instructions on the Internet for enhancing your rear by using a pair of pantyhose to lift and shape your rear. The results looked good and since no padding was involved, the enhanced butt probably moves naturally, too. Sadly, I lost the instructions and Google cannot recover them for me.

If anyone has a clue where those instructions reside, please let me know. Also, I would love to hear your experiences femulating your posterior.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

Source: ideel

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Asian Desert and her girlfriend.


  1. Try googling "butt lift shape wear." There's a lot of choices.

  2. I have tried both a padded pantie and silicon hip and bum (butt) pads, they both give a better shape than the one I was born with, but the pantie feels an moves wrong and the silicon pads can grow uncomfortable and place restrictions on underwear choices. I have now chosen to use as little artifice as possible and have abandoned any but essential padding along with my wigs.