Friday, November 13, 2015

Gender Blind

When I was preparing for the Saturday ham radio meeting, I thought that there was a possibility that a long-time acquaintance who is blind might be in attendance. She had attended that meeting in the past, so I wanted to be prepared in case she attended on Saturday. As it turned out, she did not attend.

But what if she did attend? She would likely recognize my voice, but would she receive any clues that I was a woman? Would she notice my long nails when we shook hands? Would she smell my perfume?

Someday, I will run into her as a woman and I will let you know what happens. In the meantime, I leave you with a wonderful story that Michelle sent me from the UK about identifying gender when you are blind.

Source: Haute Look
Wearing Trina Turk. I love this dress and wish they had it in my size.

Linus Rosenauer
Linus Rosenauer, male model

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