Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding a Kindred Soul

Saturday night, I attended One Big Event at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. I started writing about my night out in my previous post and conclude the story with this post.

Here is the story behind the photo above: I saw a young woman taking a mirror selfie in the ladies’ room, so I offered to the her photo and asked if she would take mine. She could not have been nicer, took my photo a couple of times until she was satisfied with the results and did not even have me take her photo!

Like her, most of the women were friendly and many exchanged smiles and/or hello’s with me (like I was a member of their club). On the other hand, eye contact with a male usually resulted in a cold blank look. Go figure! This was not the usual crowd of civilians; it was predominantly an LGBT crowd, so you can reach your own conclusions.

I spent a lot of time chatting with the girls seated at our table, that is, Diana, Karen and Laura. Diana and Laura are retired, whereas Karen is a working woman and I was very interested in her story about transitioning on the job and her trials and tribulations during the ensuing seven years.

I love Karen’s attitude in that she is not concerned about dressing to blend — she prefers to dress to please herself. For example, on a recent casual Friday at work, she wore a pencil skirt, a beautiful blouse and heels… not very casual, but very Karen! Definitely something I would do!

Karen and I have crossed paths in the past, but this was the first time we had a long chat and got to know each other. We have a lot in common and it is always nice to find a kindred soul

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor.

Vladimir Luxuria
Vladimir Luxuria, Italian actress, writer, politician and television host


  1. Stana
    I do not get out as much as you and most of my outings are to LGBT friendly places, primarily to a place in Valhalla called B Lounge that is changing hands and will now be called 'Swag'.
    My experience has been similar to yours in that "...most women were friendly and exchanged smiles or hellos...On the other hand eye contact with males resulted in a cold look."
    My sense is that many in an LGBT place are unaccustomed to a male hetero CD. The women are friendly, in my view (like your quip) in that then sense that I may be looking to join the club. The males often tend to be leery of a guy in a dress who is not a DQ. I have now been going there often enough that I have developed a bit of a "Cheers" type presence where most people know my name and I am primarily another patron having a drink at the bar and perhaps participating in a song or two on Karaoke nights.