Thursday, July 17, 2014


spiegel-fall-winter-1961-catalog We just went through a very humid spell the last few days. Luckily, the high humidity ended in time for the convention I am attending today through Saturday.

Although the convention hall is a modern air-conditioned facility, getting in and out of the building today requires lugging stuff for our booth from my car, through the clammy parking garage before experiencing the modern wonders of indoor climate control. So less humidity today means less perspiration as I do my booth babe set-up duties.

Mid-July means that fall clothing catalogs start showing up in my mailbox. I received my first fall catalog yesterday and look forward to more because the fall is my favorite season for both the weather and the fashions.

While on the topic of weather, every evening I watch the weather forecast on WTNH out of New Haven because the weather forecaster, Erika Martin, is a fashionista. She seems to wear something different ever night and I love her fashion sense. 

Stay cool!





Source: Ralph Lauren

Wearing Ralph Lauren (bag).





Actor Jaleel White femulating on television’s Family Matters, circa 1997.

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