Friday, July 25, 2014

Pejic Comes Out!

Andreja_Pejic This just in; thanks to Patty for passing it along to me from The Huffington Post:

“Super model Andreja Pejic, formally known as Andrej Pejic, has come out as transgender.

“A statement emailed to The Huffington Post by GLAAD notes, Pejic ‘will only be modeling women's clothing going forward and has received support from her agency, friends and family.’"

Read the rest of the story here.

By the way, I love how she feminized her male name by simply adding an “a” to it!


  1. I have often wondered if Andreja's problems with coming out were largely based in how so many cis gay men are so reticent to accept transgender women?

    Potentially - did he face less discrimination in the fashion industry as a effeminate man versus being viewed as just another pretty feminine face in the crowd?

  2. Well I do hope that Andreja is as successful as Andrej - If one is known and wants to continue to be known then the simple addition of an a is the most simple and elegant way of retaining your identity while stressing your femininity. Of course I may be just a little bit biased.

  3. And it turns out she was using puberty blockers as a child, so that's why she is so feminine. She always looked like a girl, even when modelling lads' clothes. She looked ridiculous in tuxedos.

  4. Yes you can see she was using blockers. She looked like a girl and had no facial hair or male musculature. This may remove her one nuche as an androgyne and she will just compete with all those other beautiful women.

  5. Transwomen are 150% women as this song explains..
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