Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celebration of Women


On Tuesday, Huffington Post published a story by Curtis M. Wong about Marty Thomas (photo above), who is one of the actors performing on Broadway in Pageant: The Musical. The article is interesting and includes a slideshow of photos from the show, however, I take exception to the following quote from the article.

"You can’t just go by the standby strikes or clich├ęs of drag queens. It’s a celebration, rather than a camp mimicking, of women, as can only be told through the voice of gay men."

There are so many things wrong with those words that I don't know where to begin! My panties are duly knotted.



Source: Bluefly

Wearing Nanette Lepore.





A contestant and eventual winner in a womanless beauty pageant (2014).
(She deserved to win just for wearing those amazing shoes. Wow!)


  1. "Those shoes.." and a very pretty dress! So will you be writing to the Huff to tell them?

  2. I'm confused as well, Stana.

  3. really good to wear those shoes, really deserves the win. of that event? you post the link? i'd like to see more pictures of the race