Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Journey Home

By Michelle

The conclusion of Michelle’s Royal Ascot outing en femme.clip_image002

We joined the throng of people leaving the event and moved through the Grandstand, while I held my hat firmly on my head, a now regular event as a sudden draft blew through the now open doors as we headed for the exit. Before we left, I got some more photos at the racecourse and then we looked for the footpath back to the train. This was easier said than done as the crowds were being directed to a particular crossing in the road, but eventually we found the way back to the footpath.

clip_image004As I mentioned before, this is a relatively short walk which caused no problems this morning, but now to my horror, I found that the return journey was downhill all the way as far as I could see – not the easiest thing to tackle after being on 4-inch heels all day and walking for a good part of it. In fact, this was the most difficult thing I had to do all day. Add to that the surface was uneven. Help!

Taking very small steps, I walked as fast as I dared, which was not very fast. Everyone was overtaking me and my friend was always a few steps ahead. I think I can boast a little here; despite my inability to walk at more than a snail’s pace, I had no muscle ache in the following days after wearing these shoes all day and only the most insignificant of blisters (well done Graceland shoes and charity shops and me!)

Eventually the train station came into view and after checking which train we were to get on, we waited in the crowd until we were let onto the platform. We then walked onto the waiting train and managed to get a seat immediately. I felt there was one person who was watching me closely, but she soon lost interest. I must develop the art of looking at the person and smiling in these situations, as I understand this usually results in them looking away. The group of lads who were quite noisy took no notice of me at all, however.

What a day! Perfect in so many ways. If I’d been asked did I want to go again the next day, my answer would have been “where do I sign?”

To go to Ascot had always been a dream of mine (as I suspect it is for many of us), but I never really thought it was within my capabilities. This year a number of things happened which made it all more possible; some of these factors may not be there next year.

Added to that, I have heard of a number of people who have become seriously ill or even worse recently – some of a similar age to me. My thoughts were if this happened to me in the next few months making such outings impossible (and who knows if it will?) it would be a dreadful thing to think I could have gone to Ascot this year, but decided I could do it at some other time. I guessed it would be highly unlikely I would think “I wish I hadn’t gone to Ascot.” So I went. I might still regret it, but I have gotten to an age where sometimes you have to take a risk, otherwise the chance will pass you by.

As you may know if you saw my article last year that the idea that Ascot was possible was sown after reading regular Ascot-goer Carolyn’s article on Femulate, so my thanks must go to her and I hope if she went this year, she enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m not sure if I’ll go again, but if a good opportunity arises I would say “Yes!”

Also, I’m especially grateful to my friend who offered to accompany me on the big day and was great company throughout it. If he had dropped out at the last moment, would I still have gone? The answer is probably “yes,” but it would have been a lot more difficult.

When I returned I wanted to tell the world about the experience and show my  photos; fortunately there aretwo people who I could. Firstly my wife, who asked about it and a work colleague who couldn’t wait to see them and again asked me all about the day and said she was so chuffed for me

clip_image006A week later, the thoughts on my big day are that at times, it was stressful beforehand, but I would now be feeling very deflated if I hadn’t taken the plunge. If you are thinking of doing the same, you’d better plan it well and most of all, make sure you are confident and will “pass” for the most part. Otherwise, as the drink flows there could be some direct and perhaps unpleasant comments.

Having said that I experienced nothing of the sort and I exchanged many smiles with people who were also having a great time. I like my sport, but really cannot see myself ever following horse racing seriously, so this is unlikely to be a regular outing. As regards being en femme, however, there is not a better event. Not only do you get the chance to overdress (in fact, it is a requirement of entry), but you can move around freely and anonymously in a big crowd. Add to that, you are under a big hat and dressed to the nines, as is every woman – perfect!

As I look through the photos once again, I realize I enjoyed every high-heeled, posh-frocked and big-hatted moment of it!




Source: Bebe

Wearing Bebe.





Playboy bunny femulators at Baltimore Pride


  1. Michelle,
    Thank you for your posts that were well written, enjoyable to read, inspirational and encouraging. I am glad that you had a great time and that you took the time to share your adventure with the rest of us.
    Of course, thank you Stana for sharing your platform with Michelle.

    1. Thank you, Pat. I enjoyed writing the piece, it was good reminder of the day, too.


  2. Dear Michelle,

    I'm happy you had such a lovely time and shared it with Stana and her readers. Although it may at first seem counter-intuitive, I and some of my T-Girl friends have discovered that it is easier to "pass" (or at least avoid negative reactions) in more crowded, rather than less crowded, environments.



  3. Dear Michelle,

    glad you did get to the most enjoyable "trannie" event anywhere. Indeed I did attend this year (Wednesday) and enjoyed it as usual. It is a very long day as you discovered and it is a relieve to kick off ones heels on returning to the hotel but worth the effort as you so well describe.

    I didn't see another Trannie (I think). Shame it is a most welcoming day out for us Femulators,


    1. Thank you Caro. As I implied in the piece I probably wouldn't have gone if you hadn't written that piece, so I'm grateful to you.


  4. Stana, it's always a good thing to share, thank you!

    I do agree with Sheila, she hit it right on the head!