Friday, July 18, 2014

Murphy's Law in Spades

I planned to rise and shine Thursday morning, get dressed en femme and drive to Hartford to help set up our booth at ham convention. Instead, I woke up to a family health emergency, which took up the better part of the day. I never made it to Hartford in either boy or girl mode that day. Luckily, two fellows from my group set up the booth without me.

I planned to rise and shine Friday morning, get dressed en femme and drive to Hartford to staff the booth during Day One of the convention. Instead, I spent over three hours dealing with the health issue — the hours I would have spent getting dressed en femme. By the time I had dealt with everything, I just had enough time to get dressed in boy mode, drive to Hartford and arrive at the convention just as the hall opened at 9 AM.

 I staffed the booth most of the day, surprised people who were expecting to see Stana, and in general, had a good time, while keeping tabs on the home front via the call phone.

My daughter held down the fort at home on Friday, but could not do so on Saturday. So I stayed at home to hold down the fort on Saturday and did not attend Day Two of the convention. Actually, I was relieved that I did not attend the convention on Saturday because I was so exhausted from the previous two days.

There were two trans visitors to our booth (that I was aware of). One was a regular reader of the blog, who I have met a few times at the Dayton, Ohio, ham convention. He was in boy mode and was surprised to find me also in boy mode, too.

The second was a transwoman en femme. I assume she was post-op, but you never know. She gave no indication that she read my blog, so she didn’t know me from Adam (or Eve). She just happened by our booth and engaged me in a long discussion about what our group had to offer.

And so it goes.

Source: Dior
Wearing Dior.


Icelandic womanless beauty pageant (dragkeppni) contestants in 2005.


  1. Best wishes to your family and I hope they come thru the health issue

  2. Dear Stana,

    I hope the person with the health problem is doing better. I'm sorry your plans for the Ham convention were so disrupted.



  3. Stana,

    Whenever I get diverted like that, I know it's because my guardian angel is watching and knew something bad would happen so she changed the situation. It might be a problem on the road or you might have fallen off a shoe or you would have run into someone hostile or who knows what. The health issue would have reared it's face at some point so she moved things around a bit for you.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I hope things are better at home and it's all a positive experience going forward.

    ps, the model in the Dior ad could pass for trans, n'est ce pas?
    pps, the dragkeppni pic is off to the right and hard to view.

  4. I hope that the crisis has passed and that things are better on the home front.

  5. Thank you all for your positive thoughts. The patient is improving and hopefully, will return to normal real soon.

  6. Replies
    1. Normal body temperature, ability to sleep normally, normal appetite, diminished pain.

  7. Prayers are with you and yours for speedy continued recovery, my friend.

  8. My prayers are that I hope all is well at home, Stana.

  9. One week later and the patient is about 90% recovered! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.