Monday, July 28, 2014

Call Me Sissy

I am on vacation this week, so instead of new original content each day, I will post old original content, also known as "The Best of Femulate."

sissy1According to my recollection, the first negative word ever hurled at me was "sissy."

"Sissy" according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition is "a boy or man regarded as effeminate."

To illuminate that definition, the dictionary defines "effeminate" as "having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men; characterized by weakness and excessive refinement."

Yes - that's me. The dictionary could print an image of me next to the printed words to illustrate the definition.

The thing is that the first time I was called a sissy, I had no idea that I was one. All I knew was that I was "me" and I was not intentionally emulating females.

But the name-calling continued. And then there was bullying.

So I figured something was wrong with me and when things really got bad, I eschewed anything feminine.

After things settled down, I went back to my old ways and was myself again comfortably picking and choosing what I liked from the masculine and feminine aisles in that big department store called "Life."

Older and wiser, I eventually ignored the taunting, learned to embrace my self, and became my own man or should I say "woman."

Actually, I am somewhere in between. Circumstances prevent me from being a woman all the time. Some of the time, I am a feminine man and some of the time, I am a feminine woman, so you can call me "sissy;" it's a good fit.






Charlie femulating circa 1910.





Wearing Ryu.


  1. Enjoy your break. I look forward to your best of Femulate posts and would merely suggest, if possible, that you add the date that the item was first posted so that we can muse about how constant your position has been over time or whether there have been cahnges or evolutuion.
    PS: Excellent us of the workd "eschewed".

  2. We all need a break now and then - enjoy yours. And thank you for allowing us to enjoy your "greatest hits" while you're re-energizing.

  3. Stana-

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  4. Love outfit. Michella