Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'll Be Brief

My foundation wear these days consists of a Bali cami torset top, which is a cami with the front cut out to allow me to wear whatever bra I wish (usually something from Victoria's Secret). Below I wear a Bali high-waisted brief.

I have been very satisfied customer of these Bali Spanx clones, however, something new (to me) has appeared on the shapewear horizon. Bali has combined their cami torset top and high-waisted brief into one single piece of shapewear: the Bali Powershape Torset Body Briefer (see photo).

Avon has begun selling this new product and I ordered a sample. I will let you know how it works out as soon as I can.



  1. Way off topic, but is it too early to suggest Missy Franklin be added to your "famous females of height" archive?

    She's a wonderful athlete and seems to be unspoiled and completely genuine.

  2. Yes Bali bra is very comfortable bras and its my favorite Bali Minimizer Bras. I used to wear. I definitely think that this will help me a lot. I appreciate all your work. Thank you.