Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Have Something

Now, I have something and it is bad news.

Living part-time in girl mode and part-time in boy mode is an expensive proposition.

Maintaining two wardrobes is one expense. I admit that I pay much less attention to my male wardrobe than my female wardrobe, but it is an expense nonetheless.

Vacationing is another expense. My girl mode and boy mode must take separate vacations because my spouse does not want to vacation with my girl mode. I have no problem with that, but two vacations are not usually in the cards financially.

A dress bought here and a dress bought there is an expense, but it does not have the same credit card shock as a four or five-day trip away from home. Multiply that by two and I can smell plastic melting in the morning.

After doing the math, I have concluded that I cannot afford a trip to Atlanta to attend Southern Comfort Conference.

Sorry to disappoint you, but no one is as disappointed as I am.


  1. Dearest Stana,

    I feel for your disappointment. But, I certainly understand the financial considerations.

    If any of you other "Stana-fanas" (the legion of fans of our dear Stana) would like to meet me at SCC, you can email me at ...

    I'll be at the conference hotel (Crowne Plaza Ravinia) from Sunday, Sept. 16 to Monday, Sept. 24.


    Sheila Tampa (that's my SCC badge name).

  2. That's a shame, but so often a factor of our life style, it is a shame that so often our girl time is just snatched moments, an evening here and afternoon there, but if we do wish to keep our family commitments then sometimes it is a girl activities that have to be curtailed. I feel for you, you have both my sympathy and my understanding.

  3. Hey followers,

    Let's all rally for the cause and chip in $5 each to help our correspondent send us Her field reports. We can use PayPal.

    Stana, how does it sound to you?

  4. Whew, I thought it was something bad like spilling wine on that beautiful dress or something. Atlanta, there is always next time. Worry little, laugh a lot, love a lot. It was not meant to be.

  5. While I looked forward to reading all about your experiences during the SCC, I'm sorry for you not going. I fully understand costs and I offer my sympathies.

    Maybe next time!

  6. I'm good with Carlos's suggestion! and I can do it on paypal easily! who else wants to pitch in. Let's send Stana to Adlanah! You all know she dazeerves et!

  7. I couldn't go either - last minute biz trip. Talk about disappointment...