Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visiting a New Salon

2012-008-08_new_salon I needed some storage containers for stuff stored in the garage, so I went to the nearest discount store during my lunch hour on Monday.

Leaving the store, I noticed a sign in the window of the hair salon next door advertising a special: on Tuesdays, they cut men's hair for $12.

I needed a haircut and although I am not really a man, I can pass for one, so I returned to the salon on Tuesday.

I had never been in that salon, so I did not know what to expect.

My hairdresser was a vivacious middle-aged woman named Staci. It turned out that we grew up in the same neighborhood and although she is ten years younger, we knew some of the same people.

I almost mentioned that Staci used to be my femme name, but I decided to save that for another time.

After she finished doing my hair, she asked me if I'd like her to do my eyebrows. No hairdresser ever offered that service before and I gladly acquiesced.

She quickly buzzed each brow with an electric razor over a comb and saved me the trouble of trimming my brows.

Her hairdressing skills were excellent. I gave her a generous tip and I plan to patronize her salon again in the future.


  1. In the film Frost Nixon, there is an exchange where Nixon asks Frost about his haircut and adds "did you have him trim your eyebrows?".

    Me, while keeping the shape under control with tweezers, an occasional trim with the attachment which comes with this ( keeps them tame.

  2. I used to ask my haircutlady to trim my brows until I started going to the next salon over before my haircut to get my brows waxed.

    Cool about her name! You should definitely mention that, but wait until she doesn't have sharp or buzzing objects near your head! Surprise and scissors is a bad combination. :D

  3. A good hairdresser, is often more valuable then a prize or treasure. They can be reason a opportunity passes you bye or stops for you! You've found a winner!

  4. I sense a coming out party!

  5. This was a beautiful and very well written account that rings true to me on many levels. For many years the primary opportunities that I had to dress were on business trips. Mostly this was limited to solitary time in hotel rooms so it was nice to see that Paula was able to get out to breathe the fresh feminine air of the light of day.
    Thank you Paula for this contribution.
    Thank you Stana for providing this wonderful platform.

  6. My eye-brows are always trimmed simply to enhance my eye makeup. Trimming them also allows me to be more feminine looking (and feeling!) than not.

    Many people (both men and women!) who see me in man-drab privately ask if I'm gay.