Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stana's Fashion Trands: Preppy Shoes

I like these shoes from Payless. Known as the "Kimmie Mary Jane Pump," it has a 2.5" heel.

I own a similar pair in black from Payless and they are very comfortable. Maybe I should own a pair in brown ("cognac") and be very preppy!


By the way, Payless is a transgirl's friend.

They sell shoes in sizes that our dainty feet require (up to size 13, frequently in wide widths).

They sell shoes that are relatively inexpensive, which is important if you have to budget for two wardrobes.

Payless is trans-friendly. I have never been hassled in any Payless store trying on women's shoes whether I was in girl mode or boy mode.

And they are everywhere --- Payless stores seem to be in every strip mall around here.

Half the many shoes I own are Payless. I own Payless flats, mid heels, high heels, platform heels, strappy sandals, and boots and I seldom have had a complaint --- most are all-day-long comfortable.

If you have never shopped Payless, plan to do so and you will be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Todays Father Femulation pic is stunning! Where was it taken? Any more?

  2. Butterflies of the Mughal Garden was performed in Sydney in 2008, not India.

  3. Stopped at local Payless to see if they had "Kimmie Mary Jane Pump". They had black but not my size and same for "cognac" color. She checked other stores in the area, not in my size either. I wear a 9 Wide and difficult to find that size even at Payless!

  4. Hello there, nice to meet you on IFB! I hope you can enjoy IFB so much, it is a very useful blog!

    I saw a similar pair of shoes here in Brazil and I need to get them!!! #vintagefeelings

    Well, have a funny blogging time and a wonderful day!


    ps.: I added you on Facebook!

  5. Janet, you can order online at and have them shipped to store for free if your size isn't available locally.

    Stana, do you have any experience with ship-to-store? Do the clerks look at what's in the box, or do you just show ID, grab the box, and leave?

  6. Viv --- I used the Payless ship-to-store option once. At the time, the clerk knew me in both boy mode and girl mode. When I showed up to pick up my shoes, she just handed them to me without an ID.

    Payless shoe boxes are clearly labeled as to their contents including a little drawing on the side of the box illustrating what kind of shoe is inside. So the clerk does not even need to look inside to find out what you are buying.

    You can always say you are picking the shoes up for a female friend or family member.

  7. Viv,
    Went online to Payless for the Cognac color Mary Janes, not in my size there either. Black can find at a Payless about 15 miles away. I have one pair of black Mary Jane shoes that are similar from Naturalizer and fit and are comfortable.